How To Reduce Your Risk For The #1 Cause Of Illness

One way of combating stress that won’t cost you anything more than your time is meditation. Whether or not you have any of these kinds of conditions, you can feel the effects of meditation even if it’s just for five minutes a day. Just like with exercise though, the more you can do it, the better. There are many types of meditation, but whichever you choose, do it as often as possible. Whether it’s during the day, or when you lay down to go to sleep at night.

Improve Your Odds Against Heart Disease

Manage stress If stress isnt properly controlled or managed, it can lead to further physiological damage like high blood pressure. This, in turn, w...

Fight Back Against Chronic Pain

Reduce Stress According to a 2009 poll by the American Pain Foundation, 56% of people who have suffered from back pain or muscle strains over the p...

Avoid Stress With These Tips

  Put your lifestyle in perspective The way you live your life can affect the level of stress that you carry. Its much easier said than done, but ...


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