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Our Mission at Trusted Health

We are dedicated to designing and formulating a 100% pure and natural line of personal care, skin care, and nutrition products that are essential, highly effective and work in complete harmony with the body.

We take tireless measures to present matchless resources to obtain and use the highest quality ingredients available to produce products with no excipients, preservatives, fillers, artificial flavors/sweeteners/colorings, synthetic ingredients, MSG, GMOs or any other chemicals or additives of any kind.

Helping people achieve a higher level of health is mandated by disclosing to them the potential dangers in the food they eat and the harmful ingredients in products they use so all can make informed decisions to achieve abundant health.

Enhancing the best positive experience for our customers is a priority by developing an easy-to-use, generous rewards program for them, their friends and referrals so they can get their products at more affordable prices and potentially for free.

We continue to open new global markets as we become established as a cutting-edge, breakthrough natural products company that can be trusted. We consider our customers “Our Top Priority.”

Our Story

In 2001, our founder Ray Spotts was using a natural liquid alternative to conventional toothpaste. He knew some chemists and physiologists in Research and Development who had developed the liquid toothpaste for personal use to stay away from all the chemicals in regular toothpaste. Ray hadn’t had his teeth cleaned in a couple of years and asked his assistant to get him a teeth cleaning appointment with a dentist nearby. When he went for the dental cleaning, the hygienist said, “What are you doing to your gums? You have no bleeding points, swelling or anything. I have dealt with 100’s of patients and I have never seen gums this strong.” She called the dentist in after the cleaning and she started asking Ray the same questions. Ray simply responded, “I’m just using this natural botanical oil product some friends of mine developed to brush with.” His dentist said, “I have 50 patients that need this product and I want to order 50 bottles right away!”

Ray, being an entrepreneur for most of his professional life, decided to jump on the opportunity. He started selling the product over the internet in March 2001 and found the opportunity successful enough to incorporate Trusted Health Products in August 2002 with the mission to offer pure, effective products that were made from nature, and not the chemically adulterated stuff produced in a laboratory. Customers loved the product and started sending letters and emails about the difference it made in their oral health.

Over the years, we’ve expanded to offer an exclusive line of all natural skin care products, as well as some personal care products and pure nutritional supplements, all with the same focus on quality: additive-free, GMO-free, 100% pure ingredients the way nature intended – to promote your health and wellbeing.
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Our Founder

Ray Spotts has been in direct sales for over 50 years. He got his start in high school, selling magazines door-to-door for the Hearst Corporation, and became the number two salesperson in the company. He then went on to form several businesses throughout the years. He has created and led large sales organizations, developing 100’s of 1,000’s of people selling several billions of dollars worth of personal care and nutritional products. He’s helped empower over 100 people to make over a million dollars each. Taking his business acumen and skills, he wrote a book entitled How to Succeed in Business Based on God’s Word. The book is available for free at rayspotts.com or Godsanointedentrepreneurs.com. His passion is to help people improve their health and help people increase their income.

Pure Manufacturing Process

One thing that distinguishes our products from all others is our pure manufacturing process. Our objective is to manufacture a product that works in the purest form possible. Our competitors want a product that works, but are willing to sacrifice manufacturing purity for a product that:

  1. looks pretty
  2. tastes good
  3. binds together
  4. is cheap to manufacture
  5. and will last forever.

The problem with that philosophy is that when the manufacturing process is compromised, the product ends up containing a whole host of ingredients and chemicals that are:

  1. ineffective
  2. interfere with the intended purpose of the product
  3. are potentially harmful
  4. and end up forcing your body to work overtime to get rid of the foreign substances.

We have gone to extra lengths above and beyond that of all of our competitors to produce pure products. Here is a list of some of the added substances (excipients) that comprise supplements and personal care products on the market today with the exception of ours:

  • Preservatives
  • Coloring – such as Titanium Dioxide (which is classified as a carcinogen)
  • Fillers – these are substances that are added to the product to fill up the capsule or tablet – such as chalk, cheap fiber, or bran (check out the ingredients in your antacids)
  • Flowing Agents – these are substances that help fill capsules faster in the manufacturing process – such as sugar crystals, Sodium Citrate
  • Sweeteners – to make the product taste good – such as sorbital, sugar, etc.
  • Extenders – these are ingredients used that can be substituted for the real thing – such as DL-alpha tocopherol in place of real vitamin E, a synthetic in place of the real form; or chalk
  • Chemical Solvents – this thins out the product
  • Drying Agents
  • Binders –this is glue that holds the product together
  • Lubricants – a substance put on the product or the capsule to help speed the manufacturing process along – such as Magnesium Stearate, Stearic Acid. It takes at least 3 times longer to fill a capsule if you do not use lubricants
  • Granulating Agents
  • Yeast
  • Gluten
  • Nuts
  • Shellfish
  • Artificial Flavors
  • GMO’s (genetically modified organisms)
  • Synthetic ingredients

Because of the way the laws are written, some of these substances do not need to be put on the label. Not only do these substances interfere with the absorption and effectiveness of the product, but they are foreign substances that in most cases the body does not recognize and must therefore try and eliminate or they will absorb into the joints, muscles and body tissues, creating other problems. Adding excipients is always a bad idea, it never improves the product, and it could potentially harm your health.

Our approach is different – 100% pure nature-made ingredients, combined together in a form that your body recognizes as food.



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