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The Dangers Of Sitting

The Dangers Of Sitting

Between driving, watching TV, and working at desks, Americans spend half their waking hours sitting down. The problem with this is that our bodies are designed to move, and when we spend so much time sitting our health suffers in many ways.  Sitting causes the central nervous system to slow down, which can lead to fatigue. One study suggested that fatigue could be reduced by up to 65% within 6 weeks by adding low intensity exercise like walking three times a week. Sitting can also weaken the muscles that support posture and are used to walk....
Love Your Heart:  Learn The 4 Key Foods To Beat Hypertension

Love Your Heart: Learn The 4 Key Foods To Beat Hypertension

Magnesium Magnesium deficiencies can lead to numerous health conditions, but did you know that high blood pressure, otherwise known as hypertension, was one of them? Magnesium helps balance calcium in your system by dilating the muscles in arteries that calcium causes to contract. If magnesium levels are too low, the muscles in the artery walls stay constricted and cause more pressure on the blood flowing through them. Not many foods other than fish are very high in magnesium, so a supplement or fish oil capsules are a good alternative to he...


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