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More Kitchen Cures

More Kitchen Cures

Onion  Many ancient cultures believed in the healing and preventative powers of onions. Even ancient Greek athletes used them prior to competing. Over the years, a number of these age old theories have been put to the test, and more often than not they're proven true. The sulfur compounds in onions can reduce the symptoms of diabetes, and they're loaded with quercetin too, which prevents inflammation and helps prevent a number of different cancers. Cayenne Pepper Used for anything from pain relief to aphrodisiacs, cayenne peppers have been ...
3 Foods You Didn't Think Were Good For You...But Are

3 Foods You Didn't Think Were Good For You...But Are

Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Watermelon - The high liquid content of watermelon, along with the natural sugars and fiber, make it the perfect snack.

Onions  - Primarily used for seasoning, onions are high in vitamin C, fiber, folate, and vitamin B-6.

Lettuce  - Looking at the light green color of most lettuce would generally lead one to believe that it doesn't have the nutrients of other vegetables, but this is not the case.



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