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Impressive Advancements In Nutrition

Impressive Advancements In Nutrition

Reviewed by Ray Spotts

While sugar has gotten more and more of a bad reputation as the years wear on, the presence of dark chocolate is one that actually provides so many benefits without the inordinate amount of sugar. Dark chocolate is known to thwart inflammation and can reverse the effects of oxidative stress on the system.

Cinnamon's Effect On High Fat Consumption

Cinnamon's Effect On High Fat Consumption

Reviewed By Ray Spotts

In a recent study, a group of researchers had an interest in understanding how cinnamon affects the way that fat can lead to certain cardiovascular damage. They used an animal study, dealing with rats, to understand if the fat-storing process would be slower in the face of cinnamon. There were interesting results that can easily be tied to the positive qualities that cinnamon possesses. It is naturally anti-inflammatory as well as provides antioxidant properties to aid the body's fat storage processes.



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