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Instantly Reduce Stress And Anxiety With Simple Strategies

Let’s take a look at some simple and effective tips for reducing stress, minimizing anxiety, and cutting down on the level of difficulty you find day-to-day mentally.

Taking Care Of You: Your Self-Care Guide

Self-Care guide created by Tylers's Beauty & Spa Academy a skin care school

Natural Remedies For Hormone Imbalance

Although going through a series of hormonal imbalances is inevitable, fortunately, there are natural home remedies that can help in bringing back balance to your hormones.

When To Stop Exercising

Sudden Dizziness or Chest Pain Either of these scenarios could signal a serious cardiovascular problem stemming from lack of blood being pumped to ...

Can Light Exposure Cause Weight Gain? Some Say...Maybe?

Can Light Exposure Cause Weight Gain? Some Say...Maybe?

The road to weight loss is a long, winding, and often rocky road for most people. You follow all the right plans, dieting and exercising, but s...

HEALTH STUDY: Can Exercise Really Lengthen Your Life Expectancy?

A new study reported by Doctors Health Press - shows just how many years of life a person can gain by being physically active. It also provides mo...


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