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New Vaccines Contain Various Poisons

The US government has commissioned two pharmaceutical companies to fast track a vaccine for the swine flu, and have designated young children as th...

Seasonal Flu Vaccine Triggers Neurological Disorder

Desiree Jennings, who had been married just 2 years and was training to be an NFL cheerleader and run in a half marathon now struggles to walk, eat, and even speak after a reaction to the seasonal flu vaccine. Desiree received her flu shot in August, and 10 days afterward developed a neurological disorder called Dystonia. This was in reaction to the neurotoxin, mercury, that is very prevalent in the vaccine. Her muscles jerk and contract when she tries to walk forward, and even prevents her from speaking normally. However, she can walk backwards or run just fine, and even speaks normally when running. Truly a shame, and all because of the dangerous ingredients and the fewer regulations that manufacturers must go through.

More Untested Vaccines Approved By FDA

More Untested Vaccines Approved By FDA

In a move that might as well be an outright admission that single dose vaccines DONT work, the FDA has approved (once again, without testing) a...


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