Oral Care

Oral Health Tips For Preventing Tooth Decay

While tooth decay may not initially cause pain or discomfort if left unchecked it can cause or compound other existing dental health issues. These issues may include gum disease, dental caries, or dental abscesses.

Side Effects Of Sugary Drinks On Your Oral Health

Sugary drinks are considered unhealthy for your oral and overall health.

Can Orthodontics Prevent Future Tooth Decay?

A commonly held belief among the general public is orthodontic treatment will prevent future tooth decay.

Top 10 Common Dental Problems

Top 10 Common Dental Problems

You know good oral health starts with proper oral care. Brushing and flossing along with regular visits to your dentist Weybridge, all go a long wa...

10 Best Foods To Keep Gums And Teeth Healthy

10 Best Foods To Keep Gums And Teeth Healthy

Teeth and gums require good nutrition to function correctly. Eliminating sugary foods and acidic drinks from your diet can help to prevent tooth decay. Easting a diet rich in nutrients such as calcium, vitamin D, vitamin C, and packed with bacteria-fighting antioxidants is important.


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