How To Choose The Right Time For Your Child's First Dental Visit

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Written By Jane Evans / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Choosing the right time for your child's first dental visit is essential as it determines the child's oral health in the long term. The dentist can detect arising problems early enough, conduct treatments and establish preventive measures.

So, what factors should you put into consideration when choosing the right time for your child's first dental visit?


Taking your child for the first dental appointment at the right age is important in the following ways;

  • A child should be taken to his/her first dental visit after their first tooth appears and no later than their first birthday. Early dental visits are important because children are at risk of getting cavities as soon as their first tooth appears.
  • Timely check-ups establish healthier oral health throughout their lives. This is because cavities, tooth decay, and any other associated health problems will be tamed earlier.
  • Early visits enable a child to be free from fear and anxiety as they will be familiar with the dental office, the dentist, the staff and dental tools.
  • Healthy teeth enable children to be confident in their image as they can talk, smile and laugh with confidence. Besides, a child with healthy teeth can chew food easily due to no associated cavity problems.
  • Early first dental visits also allow the dentist to discuss dental development issues and provide the following crucial information:
  1. Pacifier routines
  2. Child's feeding practices
  3. Tooth decay from bottling
  4. Teething


The right time for your child's first dental visit is important for their dental health.

So, what's the right time? The right time to schedule for a child's dental visit is when they are alert and cooperative. Don't plan for appointments during their sleeping hours as this hinders successful procedures.

Morning hours are the best time to schedule a child's dental visit because it finds them alert, active and cooperative.


Feed the child well before visiting the dentist. This is vital as it prevents the child from being hungry and fussy during the visit. Ensure you clean their teeth after feeding.

There are certain important facts a parent should share with the dentist during the visit. Let's have a look.

  • During the first dental visit, it's crucial for the parent to share with the dentist the child's dental history, for example, if the child's cavity has been previously filled.
  • Also, share with the dentist the child's behavior so that he/she will know how to handle the child. For example, if the child is anxious, irritable or adamant.

So, what should you expect during the first dental visit?

The first appointment is always short and an opportunity for the child to meet the dentist for the first time and establish a connection. Allow the child to explore the waiting room so that it feels familiar on the next visit.

So, expect the following;

  • The dentist will put the child on a dental chair but if they are not comfortable, you will sit on the dental chair then carry the child on your lap.
  • The dentist will check the child's jaw, gums, oral tissues and teeth development and make certain everything is okay.
  • The dentist will also check for any mouth injuries and if the child has any cavities.
  • The dentist will clean the teeth and get rid of any plaque, tartar, and stains.
  • He/she will advise you on proper oral cleaning like flossing.
  • You will also get informed on proper nutrition for healthy teeth.
  • Besides, you will be informed when the next visit should be. Dentists prefer to see children every six months to constantly monitor the child's teeth development and treat any arising problems.

Final Thought

Tooth decay is the most common chronic disease among children. Thus, it's  important to take your child for early and regular dental visits for the general oral health of the child.

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