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How And Why You Should Clean Your Tongue

Why is it so important to clean your tongue? Find out here.

Written By Jennifer Raskin / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

7 Benefits Of Visiting A Dental Hygienist

Thanks to modern dental advancements, maintaining good oral hygiene is an easily attainable goal. Dental hygienists are trained to recognize oral health issues and assist in maintaining oral hygiene, so it is vitally important that bi-annual teeth cleanings are part of your dental routine. Here are seven reasons to visit your hygienist.

Why Are Your Gums Bleeding?

Find out the reasons why your gums are bleeding and discover what you can do to stop it.

Bad Breath And How To Fight It

While it’s fairly normal for people to have unsavory breath upon waking, chronic halitosis, the official name for bad breath, occurs for a variety of reasons.

Reducing Bad Breath With Ginger

The pungent substance found in ginger - otherwise known as 6-gingerol - reduces bad breath by stimulating an enzyme in saliva which breaks down the substances that give breath a foul smell.

Simple Ways To Cure Bad Breath

Simple Ways To Cure Bad Breath

Make sure you are brushing your teeth thoroughly twice a day. Also make sure that you are flossing and rinsing your mouth daily as well. Sometimes little particles of food may get stuck in your teeth or in the back of your throat. The bacteria that is present can cause your breath to turn sour. Diligent oral care is key.

Top 10 Common Dental Problems

Top 10 Common Dental Problems

You know good oral health starts with proper oral care. Brushing and flossing along with regular visits to your dentist Weybridge, all go a long wa...


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