Why Mushrooms Are A Good Skincare Ingredient?

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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Mushrooms are not often thought of quickly for skincare routines, but they are proving to be an ingredient that is well-able to hydrate the skin, treat acne and dark skin spots, slow the skin’s aging process, and treat other skin concerns with its antioxidant abilities. When included in skin care they can bring a wide range of benefits and are growing in popularity.

Mushrooms and hydration

As skin ages it often forms darker spots that are called age spots. Mushroom is able to boost the ability of the skin to maintain an even tone and texture, defying the signs of aging.

For hydration the mushroom has a polysaccharide that is comparable to hyaluronic acid in boosting hydration and helping skin remain plumped while avoiding the formation of wrinkles and other signs of aging. It offers the nutrients needed to boost skin’s natural defenses, rather than relying on additional products to protect the skin.

Mushrooms and melanin production

Kojic acid found in mushrooms reduces the speed of aging in the skin and also evens out other dark spots. It reduces the production of melanin - which is the nutrient that adds darker color to the skin - and causes the new skin cells that grow to be lighter then those that have been exfoliated off.

It may not reduce the dark spots that are already present without other interactions, but it will replace them with lighter and healthier cells once the damaged and darkened skin cells are removed.

Mushrooms and Vitamin D

In addition to the acids present in mushrooms, they are very high in vitamin D - the vitamin that is responsible for assisting in healing damaged skin cells and minor wounds or burns. They are also able to help restore balance to the skin and body, including hormonal imbalances that often contribute to the formation of acne on the skin and particularly on the face.

By increasing balance and reducing redness and inflammation on skin, acne is treated in many ways and the bacteria are cleared out to allow the healing process to proceed.

When choosing a skincare products that includes mushrooms there are several that are most popular for their antioxidant, antiaging, and other benefits. The most used are coprinus, cordyceps, trametes versicolor, tremella, shiitake, reishi, and chaga. These have proven the most beneficial for skin.

While they can be used for consumption, the addition of them to your skincare routine allows them to apply directly to the skin and get absorbed quickly and efficiently. The antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients that they add to the skin improve many skin concerns and can slow aging while also adding to the healthy glow of skin free from acne or blemishes.

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