Hyaluronic Acid: How This Critical Ingredient Benefits Your Skincare Routine

There’s one big reason hyaluronic acid has been such a buzzword in beauty culture over recent years – it can absorb up to 1,000 times its weight in water! This makes it a critical ingredient in your skincare routine simply because it can bolster hydration unlike anything else.

This skin-quenching ingredient is actually found naturally in your body, but with certain lifestyle factors and aging, it can deplete, leaving you looking parched. Hyaluronic acid binds water to your skin cells, nourishing them with a rejuvenating moisture to help restore skin to a glorious and youthful appearance.

But that’s not all this fabulous skincare secret agent can do. Here are many other benefits of hyaluronic acid!

Increases Resilience

Because hyaluronic acid strengthens your lipid barrier on the skin, skin can better prevent environmental aggressors from tearing it apart. This serves to keep skin looking brighter, bouncier, and smooth.

Tightens Skin Tone

With aging comes the natural deterioration of collagen and elastin in the skin. When you’re young, this is what gives skin that bouncy, dewy look. Pinch your skin and you’ll be able to see if you still have plenty of elastin. If it snaps back in place fast, you’re still good but you should always look for ways to keep skin replenished. Hyaluronic acid can help soothe the appearance of aging skin by firming up facial contours for a more youthful appearance.

Smooths Texture

Want skin that looks silky and smooth? Hyaluronic acid can help by diminishing problems from the surface. It won’t completely rid you of acne scars, but in time, will help smooth them down further. For normal skin types, you’ll find skin appears much more refined with every use.

Reduces The Appearance Of Lines

There are few things worse than discovering you have lines and wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid can help by plumping up the skin which serves to make lines vanish away. It helps skin cell production flourish because skin is protected and hydrated, therefore it can focus on regenerating in a healthy way. In particular, you should use formulations with hyaluronic acid around the delicate under-eye area to prevent it from revealing your age.

Helps Skin Regenerate

Because it adds deeper hydration and protects the skin’s barrier, hyaluronic acid is ideal for helping your skin cells regenerate. Over time, it leads to healthier skin cells which show their appreciation with a more radiant complexion.

If you want skin that looks and feels its best, choose products that include hyaluronic acid. This is important for all skin types, though skin that is drier will benefit impeccably from it. Even oily skin needs the kind of love hyaluronic acid provides too. Choose formulations for your skin type and enjoy the boost of beautiful hydration this key ingredient can bring!

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Jennifer Raskin is a freelance writer, wife and mom that loves cold weather despite her location in Florida, cooking, reading, watching ‘80s movies, weight-lifting, and wine tasting.

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