What Is Anethole?

While many of these essential and botanical oil posts are brought to you with the express purpose of giving you alternatives and safe remedies for health issues, the compounds that are often a byproduct of these oils are rarely dissected. Today we're going to delve a little further into how the different elements within an oil can help the plant or seed directly target specific problems and help to eradicate them. Anethole oil is an organic compound that can be found in many oils such as anise and fennel. Its primary function is often as a flavoring substance, however, it provides many benefits that aren't well known.

Anethole is actually colorless and incredibly fragrant; it resembles basil. The compound is not completely soluble in water, which makes it better suited for ethanol. Anethole is an unsaturated ether component that is used for its flavoring properties. It is actually 13 times sweeter than sugar. It can be used in drinks to help make them more palatable and sweeter. It is also used in specific oral hygiene products, seasonings and frozen berry products. Not only does the compound add a specific taste to items, but it also has incredibly helpful elements.

It's naturally anti-fungal and antimicrobial, which makes sense as the oils that it is often found in also share these characteristics. It holds common and potent antimicrobial properties that fight against yeast, bacteria and fungi. This means that specific cuts and vulnerable parts of the skin will not be at risk of harboring and festering these harmful dangers. Yeast can form many places internally and externally. Many people do not know that yeast is actually the primary cause of things like dandruff and acne. Yeast and candida are directly related to one another and the latter is often linked to many issues in the system, whether that is the digestive tract or energy levels.

This compound also has outstanding insecticidal activity which means that bugs absolutely hate it. It's great as a bug repellent that you can use on your body and also around the house. There are several oils that double well as an effective insecticide because of these properties. Sometimes there are certain insects that may prove to be a bit more resilient and not affected by certain insecticides. That isn't the case with this compound. It is perfect to eradicate and deal with mites, larvae, cockroaches and a myriad of other bugs. Don't worry about those creepy crawlers any longer when you have an essential oil that contains anethole.

This compound also provides estrogen intrinsically, which means that for those who find they are suffering from a hormone imbalance, any type of oil that has this element in it would be helpful. There are so many cases where estrogen is lacking in the hormonal makeup of a person's system. With a specific oil that is easily rectified. This can affect things like weight, fertility and mood so it's an important aspect to take into consideration if there ever happens to be an issue. 

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