Candida Of The Skin: How Does Facial Yeast Occur?

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Written By Lacey Batch / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

What is a facial yeast infection? Candida albicans is a kind of fungus that lives on your skin. When there’s an imbalance of this fungus, that’s what leads to yeast infection. This fungus resides mostly in moist areas such as the skin, mouth, and genitals. The reason they call it a yeast infection is because Candida happens to be a type of yeast. Skin yeast infections are known as cutaneous candidiasis.

In this post, we learn about all things skin infection. For more detailed information, you can check out an ebook published by Eric Bakker on the same subject.

What Causes Yeast Infection of the Face?

Generally speaking, the infection of the face is usually accompanied by a whole-body yeast infection. However, some infections can be local also when the imbalance impacts only a certain part of the body such as your face.

Below are some of the commonest causes of yeast infection or yeast imbalance of the face:

  • Excessive sweating
  • Poor hygiene
  • Too much licking around the mouth
  • Rough scrubbing
  • Using harsh facial products
  • Irritation caused by facial tissues

According to the research, there are over 200 species of Candida, however, only some of these are infectious. A few other factors that can trigger a yeast infection are:

Medication - Certain antibiotics can disrupt the skin environment. They can trigger an imbalance of the fungi and bacteria that reside on the skin.

Skin injury - Intertrigo and some forms of skin injuries can destroy the much needed natural barrier to the skin leading to all kinds of infections.

Health conditions - Individuals with diabetes and a compromised immune system run a higher risk of developing this infection.

Symptoms of the Facial Yeast Infection

The most common symptom of a yeast infection is a rash that appears with pustules and bumps. At times it can also be accompanied with:

Tips to Treat Candida

When it comes to treating anything skin related, always pay attention since face skin is highly sensitive. Using harsh treatment or strong medications could lead to expected reactions.

With that said, below are some common medical treatments you might receive if you do have a skin yeast infection:

The steroid creams are mostly given in conjunction with some antifungal cream and never alone. Sometimes preventing yeast infection is as simple as taking better care of your face. Pay attention and see if the onset of infection coincided with the use of some new product. If yes, then stop using that product altogether.

Another thing to look after is the blood sugar levels. Abnormal levels of blood sugar can lead to Candida infection. Therefore, you should work out ways to keep your blood sugar under control. Ideally, you should start by exercising three times a week for at least 30 minutes.

Needless to say, you need to cut back on the sugar. Talk to your doctor and follow their instructions. He may prescribe you some medication to increase insulin. You may also look up a Candida diet online and follow that.

Diet and Yeast Infection

As discussed, yeast infection can occur due to myriad reasons. However, poor diet continues to play the biggest role.

Our digestive tract is highly sensitive. The gut is made of trillions of microbes. This flora becomes disrupted due to the consumption of alcohol, refined foods, sugar, and caffeine. This causes the skin to start overproducing yeast. During a typical Candida flare-up, the right kind of diet is crucial.

Here are some tips on how you can improve diet:

  • Drink tons of water
  • Drink herbal teas to clean your digestive tract
  • Ideally, you should go for peppermint, lemongrass, and ginger tea
  • Naturally, you need to avoid sugar
  • Limit your alcohol consumption

Remember, ridding your system of Candida is not going to happen overnight. You need to take baby steps and make slow and gradual progress.

Home Remedies to Fight Yeast Infection of the Face

If you like to go a more holistic and natural route rather than relying on medical/pharmaceutical help, then you can follow a bunch of home remedies. They should help you find some relief from the symptoms.

Here they are:

  • Use a good Candida cleanse. There are different forms of cleanses, but most require you to drink lemon water and bone broth. You also have to eat a ton of vegetables and salads along with a good amount of protein.
  • Coconut oil is loaded with healing properties. It is one of the best things you can consume for your skin health. It nourishes and hydrates the skin and also balances the pH level.
  • Tea tree oil is another thing you can apply directly to your facial skin. You can use it as a lotion. It is another excellent herbal remedy to fight facial yeast infection.
  • Olive oil – especially an ozonated one. It carries tremendous antifungal properties which can soothe your skin. It can also keep infections at bay.

In Conclusion

Both prescriptions and home remedies can go a long way in treating skin yeast infections. But, if the problem worsens, talk to your doctor.

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