How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help You Improve Your Smile

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Written By Nik Brook / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Many people go to the dentist twice a year, as suggested by the American Dental Association. What additional services can a dentist offer, though?

Cosmetic dentistry entails procedures that improve the overall appearance of your teeth, rather than merely preventative care. In truth, the term "cosmetic dentistry" encompasses a wide range of operations. Here are five ways cosmetic dentistry can help you improve your smile's appearance.

In truth, aesthetic dentistry provides our patients with both immediate and long-term benefits. Here are just a few ways cosmetic dentistry can improve your smile.

How a skilled cosmetic dentist may improve your smile

When it comes to repairing smiles, cosmetic dentists have a number of tools at their disposal. The following are some of the most commonly used treatments:

Whiter Teeth

Every sip of coffee, tea, red wine, or any other staining beverage discolours your teeth, which causes them to become less white over time.

You could go to the store and buy an over-the-counter bleaching product to whiten your teeth again. Professional bleaching sessions, on the other hand, are far more powerful than over-the-counter bleaching treatments. The only way to have your teeth as white as possible is to visit the dentist.

However, there are situations when a tooth is so discoloured that even bleaching won't help much. In these circumstances, teeth whitening is a good option. An aesthetic veneer, which includes placing a thin coating of porcelain over your tooth to give it a completely white and clean appearance, is more effective.

Biting and chewing abilities have improved.

If you've ever had a toothache, you know how much it changes the way you chew your food. You're not helping yourself by changing your chewing pattern; by favoring one side of your mouth over the other, you're causing greater wear and tear on those teeth.

Procedures such as the placement of aesthetic veneers strengthen your existing teeth, allowing you to bite and chew food more easily.

What's even better?

Veneers are a long-term treatment, but the method is simple. With fact, in just a few visits, you can have a completely new smile with a lower chance of dental decay.

Teeth and gums that are healthier

When some people hear the word "cosmetic dentistry," they conjure up images of procedures that aren't essential but just enhance the appearance of a person's smile. That, however, is just not the case.

Cosmetic dental operations can solve a variety of difficulties, ranging from jaw alignment concerns to the inability to enunciate clearly. Bonding and gum contouring are two cosmetic procedures that can help preserve a healthy smile and fix an uneven gum line.

A More Powerful smile

Cosmetic dentistry's main goal is to improve the appearance of your teeth. Some of the services aimed at achieving the goal wind up strengthening your teeth as well.

Crowns, for example, are frequently used to conceal the unsightly appearance of a chipped or broken tooth. Your tooth will look better once the crown is set, and it will be stronger and less likely to break again.

Crowns also prevent germs from seeping into teeth, lowering your chance of a nerve infection. They do this by covering up physical damage to your enamel. Then there are dental implants, which are the most recent method of replacing missing teeth.

Dentures have long been the most popular method of tooth replacement, but they tend to slip around in the mouth, making it difficult to converse and eat.

Another drawback of dentures is that they only replace the teeth that are visible above the gum line. The jawbone below the gum line is supported by the roots below the gum line, and without those teeth, the jawbone deteriorates.

On the other side, dental implants replace the missing root. A full crown is affixed to the implant, which is a small metal post that is inserted through the gums and into the jawbone to replace the original tooth.

Prevent Damage in the Future

Crowns, dentures, braces, and other aesthetic dental operations, as mentioned above, can assist in relieving pain caused by cracked, rotting, crooked, or missing teeth. Cosmetic dentistry, in addition to correcting these current difficulties, can also help to reduce the risk of future complications.

When a damaged tooth is restored with a crown or a lost tooth is replaced with a dental implant, you reduce your risk of developing painful periodontal disease. In other words, cosmetic dental procedures not only address the immediate problem or concern, but also aid in the prevention of future oral health problems.

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