Tucuma Butter For Hair And Body Care

There are a number of butters that have been touted as good options for hair and skin alike. While some are much more popular and well known than others, the abilities of the lesser known butters deserve an equal amount of fanfare. While many are familiar with shea butter and cocoa butter, there are a handful of other butters that can potentially work wonders on both the hair and skin. Tucuma butter is definitely one of them. It is a pH balanced, completely natural and organic butter that can provide your hair and skin exactly what it's been missing.

Healthy Hair

One of the most impressive elements of this oil is its ability to add shine without leaving the hair feeling or looking greasy. Depending on the type of hair you have, you may struggle with getting your hair healthy enough to produce that natural, long-lasting shine. Sometimes certain oils and butters may be a bit too greasy depending on your hair type. This is generally not the case with tucuma butter as its whipped texture is incredibly penetrating and helps to coat the hair in a way that won't weigh it down.

If you suffer from dry, brittle hair you know that providing your hair with enough moisture can be incredibly cumbersome. Dry hair can come with a whole host of issues. You may deal with a large level of hair fallout or breakage that becomes incredibly difficult to manage. When your hair is dry it looks the part. Dry hair often looks incredibly damaged and it's all but impossible to have a good hair day with damaged hair.

Tucuma butter can provide the right amount of moisture that your hair has been desperately craving. Dry hair needs hydration just as your skin needs hydration. A little bit of tucuma butter will go a long way. Use this as a moisturizer to combat frizz, breakage and other issues related to dryness.

One of the main reasons this butter is so tremendous is because of its chemical composition. It is rich in oleic, myristic and lauric acids, which help to provide restoration and cell regeneration to the hair and scalp. So not only does it have moisturizing properties but can assist your hair in becoming stronger, more durable and promote hair growth. This helps to fortify the hair and can also be used long term. Most people could use a hair boost and this butter is exactly the product to use for that.

Eliminates Scarring

Another powerful aspect of this butter is that it's great for eliminating scarring. Stretch marks are some of the toughest scars to get rid of because of the way they form on the skin. Luckily, the sheer amount of hydration that is present in the butter helps to improve suppleness and elasticity. You can treat your scarring with this butter at least twice a day and after a couple weeks of consistent application you'll notice the scarring with begin to fade.

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