How Bee's Wax Is Used In Skin Care

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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Bee’s wax is a wax created to store honey and is what honeycombs are built from. This wax has many benefits for the skin, making it a popular ingredient in skincare products. As it is a soothing product and can help to boost the hydration of the skin it is often used for dry skin and related conditions.

Removing bee’s wax

Before adding any skincare with bee’s wax ensure that you have the products to remove it correctly. It is important to not allow it to remain on the skin.

Bee’s wax creates a layer that covers the skin and can add moisture and hold it in the skin, but it also creates a layer that blocks out air from reaching the skin. This can cause irritation and increase the buildup upon the skin causing clogged pores.

When removing bee’s wax it may be necessary to use a facial cleanser or makeup remover that is oil based, as the wax will not dissolve in water or wipe off easily.

Adding moisture to skin

This ingredient is good for adding moisture to skin without causing irritation. It can be added to moisturizers and is often found in lip balms as a gentle way to lock in the natural hydration of the lips and to add moisture as needed. As it forms a protective layer over the skin it will stop the natural evaporation of the moisture from the surface of the skin.


When used as a lotion it can be found both in a regular lotion and also a bar form. A lotion bar creates a low-waste product with little packaging. It creates the same layer of protection across the skin that helps to hold the hydration within the skin. It also has the ability to attract water to it, which allows it to bring increased levels of hydration to the skin.


As an exfoliator, bee’s wax will help remove any dead or damaged skin cells, which encourages the skin to produce healthy skin cells to replace them. Exfoliating can be done once a week but is not needed every day. It is naturally antibacterial so it will reduce the chance of infection after exfoliating and will help to ease the discomfort that comes with many skin conditions.

Dry skin

When used on skin that has dry skin or other conditions it can be used to ease the discomfort as well as help bring moisture to the area. Traditionally, bee’s wax has been used to encourage the healing of minor burns and wounds, and is now more often being used to treat eczema, psoriasis, and other skin concerns. When used regularly it can create improvements in as little as two weeks.

Bee’s wax is often used in skincare as an exfoliator, to add moisture to the skin, and to shield the hydration that is present from the surrounding environment. There are no side effects for anyone who is not allergic and it can be used daily.

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