The Benefits Of Asafoetida Oil

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Asafoetida is a type of gum or resin that comes directly from a perennial plant. It is incredibly strong smelling and many find its odor to be very pungent and often off-putting. Not all seeds and plants have a pleasant fragrant scent but many of them do have amazing properties that are worth withstanding an interesting odor. This is the type of oil that is a little less smelly than the actual gum and resin itself, but it still should be mixed with a carrier oil when used externally to help mitigate the harsh smell. Here are all the ways that this oil helps specific issues.

Bee Stings

There are few things more annoying and as big of a nuisance as bee stings and bug bites - especially if you are highly allergic to bees or have very sensitive skin. However, just a few drops of asafoetida oil will help treat the irritation and the pain that is often felt after a sting or bite. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it helps to deal with the localized pain and swelling that may occur. It can also be used as an insect repellent as bugs really hate the smell of the oil. Mix it with some lavender or clove oil and its harsh odor will be masked to your own nose but still have a potent, unpleasant smell to insects.

Relieves Menstrual Issues

Menstruation can be incredibly difficult for some women to endure. While no one has a relatively pleasant period, some women find that time of the month to be very difficult and painful. The type of cramps that they experience can sometimes be due to blocked menses that causes the uterus to shed abnormally. Putting a couple drops of this oil, mixed with a carrier oil of coconut or jojoba, on the lower part of the stomach will help alleviate any unruly, tough cramps you may be experiencing. The oil will then seep into the skin and make its way into the blood vessels, dealing directly with where the pain is coming from.

Acne And Scaring

The scars that acne often leaves behind can be even more damaging then the acne itself. Those who suffer from chronic acne often have scars that accompany the blemishes once they are diminished and go down. Asafoetida oil is known to deal with acne flares effectively. While this oil doesn't typically cause allergic reactions, it is best to spot test a bit of it on the inside of your wrist to ensure that you don't react badly to it. Try putting a couple of drops of the oil into a face mask to treat the entire face with its healing properties at least once a week. This oil is great to use on skin that is prone to acne or even skin that sometimes suffers from specific hormonal changes.

Asafoetida oil isn't well known by many but with its ability and capacity to directly help issues stated above as well as ear aches, digestion and respiratory struggles, it's definitely an oil that you should have on hand.

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