What Is Ultrasound: Types Of Ultrasound, Purpose And Choosing The Best Center

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Written By Justin Jersey / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

An ultrasound is an imaging test that is non-invasive and uses high-frequency sound waves to produce images of internal body structure. It is a painless and harmless procedure and an ultrasound machine is used for this medical imaging.

The test is carried out to detect internal body health issues. It is done in hospitals and healthcare centers.

When it comes to choosing an ultrasound center, a few things should be considered like the doctor’s qualifications, quality of the machine, and cost. Knowing about the procedure will help with finding the right ultrasound center that meets the patient’s requirements.

Uses Of Ultrasound

This procedure is also known as sonography. Ultrasound imaging is used to diagnose, confirm, and treat internal medical conditions.

Some of its uses are as follows:

  1. Medical procedure: Many times, an ultrasound is needed to help with guiding different medical procedures.
  2. Diagnostics: Ultrasound is useful in diagnosing different medical conditions in the heart, blood vessels, ovaries, uterus, pancreas bladder, kidneys, liver, etc.
  3. Pregnancy: Ultrasound is mostly used for pregnant women. It helps to check the child’s health inside the womb and to determine the due date.
  4. Therapeutic applications: Ultrasound is also effective for detecting and treating any type of soft tissue injury.

Types Of Ultrasounds

In most ultrasound tests, the doctor uses a device called a transducer on the surface of the skin to take the images. But apart from this, there are also other ways of getting an ultrasound.

Abdominal ultrasound: Abdominal ultrasound is useful to examine the internal organs like the pancreas, spleen, liver, bladder, kidney, and gallbladder.

Transabdominal: For this, the patient needs to have a full urinary bladder. A gel will be applied to the abdomen, and the transducer will be used to take images.

Pelvic ultrasound: This ultrasound is used to monitor and check the health of the fetus or embryo during pregnancy. It is also used to examine ovaries, uterus, prostate gland, and bladder.

Transrectal: This procedure is used to specifically diagnose the medical condition of the prostate gland.

The transducer is inserted through the rectum for imaging.

Transvaginal: To get a better image of the ovaries and uterus, a transducer wand is placed inside the vagina.

Tips For Choosing The Right Ultrasound Center

The reason why the patient should carefully choose an ultrasound center is that the further treatment procedure depends on the scan results. They need to be accurate and performed by qualified radiologists.

So of the tips for choosing an ultrasound center are:

The technology used: Check that the center uses the latest technology machines. Some machines provide 2D, 3D, and even 4D imaging. So choose according to requirements.

Qualified radiologists: Other than the machine, the next important factor is the qualification and experience of the sonographer. They need to be skilled to be able to provide proper scans.

Report delivery: The best ultrasound centers will provide the results in the same day or at the most by the next day.

Appointment procedure: The center should have a proper appointment procedure. They should have services like booking appointments. Also, staff should always be helpful and available.

Price: Ultrasound in general is an expensive test. So, centers that provide scans at a cheaper price are always preferable. The type of ultrasound technology used also determines the price of the test.


As an additional factor, the patient can also check online reviews and ratings of the ultrasound center to get a better idea about their service quality. When it comes to medical tests, it is always better to check things thoroughly so that the test result does not affect the treatment.

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