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Written By Jason K. Strauss / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Water filtration has become a mandatory thing be it a commercial space or a domestic space. Also, choosing the right water filter is very much necessary. These days there is a variety of water filtration systems available in the market and it is usual for a buyer to get confused on what to purchase when it comes to a water purifier or a filter. So before making any choices, you need to know about the basic water filtration systems. Here are the most basic and common ones that are found in the market.

Carbon Filtration

They are every good at a basic level when it comes to everything filtration. Carbon is said to be a great natural absorbent and as a result it can automatically absorb a lot of water impurities which are usually not visible with the naked eye. There are some filters where carbon blocks are used to push the water through a kind of sediment which can be built up after rushing the water through it. This is also known as activated carbon. There is also a membrane present which has an extra layer of protection. They can be manufactured in different densities and so there are some filters that can block minute physical debris as well.

Chloramines Filtration

This is a great filtration process which can actually kill the elements that one does not want present in their water. This is a kind of water treatment that can provide better water quality than chlorinated water, but there is a negative side too. Just like chlorinated water, this is also toxic for humans and cannot be used as a filtration system when it comes to drinking water.  But yes, when it comes to water supplies for commercial purposes, this filtration system can work really well. This filtration system can actually do a great job to extract the chloramines along with color and bad taste from water.

Scale Inhibition

What exactly is a scale in water? Well, it can happen when there is a fluctuation of temperature and pressure in the water and so it takes a good amount of time to allow the hard minerals from the water to build up. The scale inhibitors do not necessarily filter out the scale but it can play a role in preventing that from happening.

Ultraviolet Filtration

Ultraviolet filtration is great when it comes to a filtration process. Here, usage of ultraviolet energy or light cans clean the tap water at a very microscopic level. So, by using this filtration process one can easily remove the viruses from water and germs that are present in it. But this process does not physically filter the water. That is why in most of the cases some debris and hard materials are left in the water. This can also leave the pores behind that can later cling on to the digestive tract in humans. So, it is always recommended to use this filtering process with another filter.

Reverse Osmosis Filtration

When it comes to osmosis it actually means that the water will move from the lower concentration to the higher concentration through a semi-permeable membrane. But when it comes to reverse osmosis, as per the name, exactly the opposite happens. This is kind of a pure and filtered concentration and this can give us much cleaner water than the regular tap water that one gets.

These are the basic water filtration systems that are available in the market these days and it is true that there are plenty to choose from. You should always go for the best one when it comes to the water filtration system. According to market research, the RO system is considered to be the best one - domestic RO or commercial RO – and people go for this filtration system because it works really well.

When you use a water purifier for a commercial purpose, you should always keep in mind to pick a machine that performs the best. You should check how the machine is designed and what facilities it can provide. There are a few areas where one needs to take some extra precautions when it comes to drinking water so gathering information about the available water in that locality is very important. One cannot decide by just simply tasting the water, but you can definitely get an idea whether the water taste’s bad or has an odour. Also, check the source to get to know about the quality of the supplied water.

There are certain combinations also available when it comes to water filters. There is also a possibility to have a multi-cartridge system. There are many brands of water filters that use more than one filtration system in a single water filter machine. This can actually take care of multiple problems that can be in the water. There are also certain water filters that come with RO filtration and UF or UV filtration technology together which can be really beneficial


As water filters have become mandatory these days, one also needs to know that installation of water filters and using them will not give them purified water every day. For that, you need to maintain the machine properly as well. You need to clean the machine at a regular interval. The filters inside the machine also need to be changed every six months to a year.

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