8 Ways To Check If Your Mattress Is Causing Back Pain?

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Written By Justin Jersey / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Back pain is a common problem. It can be caused by multiple things such as incorrect posture, muscle strain due to heavy lifting, and sleeping on the wrong mattress. Contrarily, a supportive mattress will help you maintain your natural alignment while you sleep so that your muscles don't have to work overtime trying to hold up the weight of your body for hours at a time.

The right mattress can also prevent back pain by maintaining an open air flow around it, preventing heat from building up during the night and keeping moisture away from sensitive skin. In this article, we are going to go over how you can tell if it's your mattress causing back pain!

You keep tossing and turning all night

Check how comfortable you are in different positions, including stomach and side sleeping. If your body feels much better in one of these two positions, then this could be a sign that the wrong mattress is being used for your needs.

Also, tossing and turning all night may be because of the inability to find a suitable sleeping position. This further can lead to back or shoulder pain, thereby ruining your sleeping experience.

You wake up feeling stiff and sore

When you sleep on the wrong mattress, your spine slowly shifts out of alignment. Over time this can lead to chronic back pain that wakes you in the early hours of the morning with aching muscles. If waking up in agony is normal for you, then check if it's your mattress causing back pain!

Notice whether or not every time you wake up with lower back pain, there's an indentation where you were lying down before. This can also signify that the mattress isn't supportive enough for certain types of sleepers like those who always lie on their backs or stomachs when they sleep.

You have either too soft or too hard mattress

If you sleep on a mattress that's too soft or too hard, your spine won't be properly supported. Another issue is that the firmness of the mattress changes as it sags over time. This can lead to back pain because different parts of your body are getting uneven support while lying down.

You frequently change positions during the night

If you're constantly turning in bed and changing sleeping positions throughout the night, then the chances are high that what caused your back pain is not solely due to your mattress but other factors like how comfortable or well-aligned each position feels.

You always feel restless

If you always feel restless, then it is possible that your mattress might be affecting how well-rested you are. Besides, if you face back pain or feel fatigued, then this is the sign that you are sleeping on the wrong mattress that's deteriorating your health.

You keep waking up after certain intervals

This is a clear indication that your mattress might be affecting how deeply you sleep and could also affect the quality of your rest. Sleeping on the wrong mattress can make it difficult to get up in the morning for work because you feel exhausted, have lower energy levels or experience chronic back pain.

You have an older mattress

If you have an old mattress, then it could be the reason behind your back pain. An older mattress can't support your spine in a neutral position and might not adequately provide enough cushioning for all sleeping positions to feel comfortable.

You wake up with headaches

Waking up frequently with a headache is another sign that suggests how well-rested you are. It also largely depends on what type of bedding you sleep on. Sleeping on low quality or cheap mattresses can trigger migraines because they don't manage pressure points as good as other high-quality beds do.


If any one of these signs ring true, maybe it's time to invest in a new mattress! You can check Sealy mattress reviews as they are preferable in correcting your sleeping posture.

A supportive modern mattress can help relieve chronic back pain by supporting your spine and preventing you from developing a humpback. In addition, it can provide good support when changing positions during sleep, maintain the natural alignment of the spine and help you sleep better.

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