5 Yoga Poses To Stay Fit And Healthy

Enlighten yourself with everyday yoga poses that keep you energetic, fit and
healthy through life.

Does Evening Physical Activity Cause Sleep Problems?

It is a widely held belief that sleep quality can be improved by avoiding exercise in the evening. However, as researchers have demonstrated, it is not generally true.

Better Hair And Skin With Murumuru Butter

Here's how murumuru butter is tremendous for your skin and hair.

The Link Between Clear Speech And Clear Memory

In an effort to understand why and how listeners remember some spoken utterances more clearly than others, University of Texas at Austin researchers Sandie Keerstock and Rajka Smiljanic are specifically looking at ways in which clarity of speaking style can affect memory.

Should You Use Baby Oil On Babies?

It’s easy to think that baby oil should be used on babies, but what are we really putting on our babies’ delicate skin?

How Lack Of Sleep Seriously Impacts Your Health

Sleep, and quality sleep in particular, is as essential to our health as eating healthily, fresh air and exercising regularly. Unfortunately, two thirds of adults worldwide don’t get enough sleep.

5 Benefits Of A Himalayan Salt Lamp

Here are five of the most beneficial things about owning a Himalayan salt lamp.

Why A Medical Device Security Risk Is A Patient Safety Risk

As more and more research is being done medical devices, it has been found out that these devices that many people rely so much on, sometimes with their lives, are prone to attacks - cyber-attacks specifically.

Natural Home Remedies For Back Pain

There is more than 80 percent chance that everyone is going to have backache issues at some point in life, according to research. Thankfully, there are a lot of natural remedies that one can try to treat body aches - especially back pain.

Making Resolutions Work This Year

This year, stick to the following principles to make the most of your resolutions and create lasting change.

Moving Mindfully Into The New Year

As we start making New Year's resolutions it’s easy to become stressed out by the many demands on our time and energy. But this can also be the perfect time to try practicing mindfulness to create the year that you really want.

Sedentary Lifestyle Studies In The News

Sitting for too many hours per day or sitting for long periods without a break is now known to increase a wide range of health risks - even if one engages in recommended amounts of physical activity.


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