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A very common tree that can be found in various parts of the world like North America, Europe and Asia, is the beech tree. It produces a nut that is incredibly effective in a myriad of ways. Even though this tree is common, the ways in which it can help shouldn't be diminished. The tree also has other more fundamental uses, like that of firewood or as construction material. The nuts that come from the tree are the focus today. Here are some ways to use the oil that comes from a beech nut tree. 

Hair Growth

Are you the type of person that wants to have thicker, more healthy hair? Do you find that you are dealing with a specific amount of shedding or having hair fall out more than you used to? This is all a symptom of your hair not properly being taken care of like it should be. This can lead to many different troubles, one of which is an unhealthy scalp. If your scalp is unhealthy, growing your hair will become exceedingly difficult. Luckily, beech nut oil is an antidote for this issue. There are properties within the oil that help to strengthen the hair follicle beds. This gives your hair a better, healthier platform and increases growth, strength and appearance.


If you have tummy troubles, whether it's from eating too much or because you have a certain food sensitivity, it can be hard to properly digest food. In these instances it can be difficult because digestive problems manifest themselves in a whole host of ways. Many serious conditions have been linked to the gut and lack of proper digestive health. So sorting out why you may deal with a heavy bout of cramps, bloating, gas or irregular bowel movements is not something you should ignore. Beech nut oil can help as its fiber content can help to regulate your system and bring some ease to the process of digestion.

Kidney Issues

Because of the diuretic qualities of this oil, if you are noticing any type of issues in your kidneys or how they function, you may want to start treating them with beech nut oil. Kidneys help to clean the blood that circulates in your body and also how your urine is filtered. If you notice any changes in your patterns of urination or any discomfort in your lower back or sides, it's possible that your kidneys may be under a bit of stress.

You can help alleviate that by rubbing some beech nut oil on your lower back, near your kidneys for a couple of days and seeing if that doesn't help your kidneys to function more precisely. Things like waste, salt, water and fats all get filtered through those little organs at our sides so it's essential you take care of them. When kidneys function well, they even have a hand in how effectively your metabolism works.

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