Wonderful Benefits Of Ajwain Oil

ajwainOne of the most sought after and used herbs in the Indian culture, Ajwain has many different benefits associated with its usage. Despite its strong smell, the seed is actually known for its ability to aid and remedy stomach aches. Ajwain comes from carom seeds, which can be obtained in raw or powdered form. Here are the many ways this oil can be incredibly beneficial for the skin, hair and overall health.


Not only are these seeds amazing at providing necessary relief for those suffering from stomach aches, but also any other type of digestive issue as well, namely indigestion. Due to its properties it can be used for those who deal with perpetual issues with gas or belching. Adding a few drops of ajwain oil into a glass of water and drinking it before a meal will likely curb the awful experience you have with indigestion. It is also known to correct the digestive system in many ways. It can also help with constipation.


For those that deal with this condition, having trouble breathing can be such a scary experience. This oil can actually make the breathing patterns of those with laboring lungs much easier. You'll need to put several drops of this oil in a humidifier or a diffuser and watch how inhaling it via steam can be an effective asthma treatment. Sleeping throughout the night with the device going, as well as doing intermittent 15 minute sessions as needed, is the best way to combat issues with breathing.


Ajwain oil is a great way to combat a myriad of skin issues. If you have naturally sensitive skin and different fragrances or materials make you break out or start to itch, this is the perfect oil for you. This is also great for those who deal with chronic cystic acne that can often swell and is incredibly painful to experience. Just a few drops of this oil in your toner will calm down skin that is known to swell or be incredibly irritable. It is also a fantastic aid for those who suffer with skin conditions like eczema, as it both treats and calms the inflammation that is commonly associated with the condition.

Treat Gray Hair

While aging is a stage that all of us think about, most are us would like to hold off on the signs being obvious to other people. So whether it be the aging of the skin or greying hair, we'd like to keep those things as under wraps as much as possible. Looking youthful is the goal and when it comes to correcting gray hair naturally, this is the oil you need. While many people resort to dyes, the chemicals within those products can often be harmful to the scalp and hair. Ajwain oil can help to correct already present gray hair, turning it back to its natural color, as well as prevent other hair from turning gray. A few drops put directly on the problem area will do the trick.

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