Why Retinoids Are A Must For Great Skin

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Written By Jennifer Raskin / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Most people are under the impression that retinoids are best for aging skin. However, retinol is a must-use addition to your skincare regimen at any age. It’s even beneficial for clearing up acne. In fact, that’s the reason it first came into existence in the 1970s. Made from a class of chemical compounds from vitamin A, retinoids have the power to improve skin texture, tone, and pigmentation for an all-around gorgeous complexion.

It works by promoting skin cell renewal and boosting collagen production, according to WebMD. If you have fine lines and slight damage from the sun, it can help smooth those away and even prevent future wrinkles from taking hold. It’s one of the few ingredients in skincare that dermatologists can all agree on.

One thing to note though when using retinoids is that it takes about three months, sometimes more, to notice any results. It’s important to keep up with the habit and not get discouraged. Over-the-counter formulas are notorious for promoting results in just weeks but that’s all marketing. Retinol does work though and the key is to keep using it religiously to see a difference. Your skin never gets jaded by it either so you can keep using it every day in your skincare routine.

For optimum absorption, it’s best you apply your retinoids immediately after cleansing so the vitamin A can soak right into the skin. If it feels a bit dry still, you can add moisturizer on top to supplement the hydration. You should also take care to go slow with retinol. For some, it may cause irritation.

Help Your Skin Look Better

Choosing the right formula for your skin makes a big difference too. You should consider the molecular weight of the retinol product you choose. Higher percentages of retinol might mean faster results but at the cost of a higher risk for irritation. Dermatologists recommend that you start off using a content of 0.3 percent to 0.6 percent retinol and work your way up.

Retinol is completely safe to wear during the day, though rumors once swirled about it causing sunburns. Still, most people opt to wear it at night and not for fear of sunburn. The stem cells in the outer layer of your skin reproduce more at night. Retinol copies this process which means it helps your skin’s regeneration efforts even more while you get your beauty sleep.

You can use retinol to treat acne or to fight the signs of aging, or both! Even when you’re using some of the best skincare products on the market, it helps to have an extra punch to give you the best skin of your life at any age. With dermatologists all in agreement, it’s a safe bet that retinoids can help your skin look even better too!

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