Ways To Use Henna Oil

henna-oilHenna is well known in many cultures as a way to convey artistic and traditional expression on the body through tattoos. What many people don't know about this plant-based substance is that it has many other properties besides its gorgeous hue as well as many different abilities that are often overlooked. Henna is used predominately in countries like India and Egypt. Henna is a flowering plant that prefers hotter climates and flourishes in them exclusively. Once the plants leaves are collected, dried, sifted and milled they are crushed into a powder. The process to convert it into oil is a standard steam distillation. Here are all the ways the oil can provide outstanding benefits.

Cooling Effect

This oil is great to use on burns or scrapes that can be incredibly aggravating as they tend to sting and run hot. Henna is a natural cooling agent which allows it to treat the part of the injury that burns and is deeply uncomfortable. Just a few drops of the oil on the affected area will give you a sense of relief that you will undoubtedly appreciate. This also works when you are suffering from a fever or have spent too much time in the sun. Just a few drops rubbed into the temples and at the base of the neck will help in cooling your body down considerably.

Skin Conditions

Due to the astringent quality in the henna leaves, the element can be used in order to combat skin issues. This oil can be great for different types of skin conditions like ringworm, athlete's foot and even the common rash. If your skin is naturally very sensitive and you are prone to rashes, having a bit of henna oil at your disposal is definitely a good idea.


Taking care of and properly nourishing your hair is likely something that you may concern yourself with. Bad hair days are the absolute worst and balding is an issue that both men and women are incredibly self-conscious and fearful of. The great thing about henna oil is that it is so effective on hair. Whether your hair is graying, dry or thinning, henna oil is the perfect anecdote. It is known to help not only reverse graying hair but to also prevent it from occurring. You can use several drops on your fingertips and massage them into your scalp or you can add the drops to your shampoo. You'll start to notice the overall strength of your hair improve tremendously.


Many people suffer from nails that are brittle or thin and this can sometimes be hard to deal with when you'd like to keep a more natural look for your manicures. If your nails aren't very strong and they break at every turn, rubbing some henna oil on your nail beds and cuticles will do wonders for the strength of your nails. Within weeks, you'll notice the difference. Treat your nails with henna once a day in order to start seeing stronger, longer nails.

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