Top Ways You Sabotage Your Skin

sleep-benefitsMost of us want young, clear and glowing skin. The signs of aging that we hear about or may even experience can sometimes be incredibly daunting. Our skin is deeply affected by what we do and how we treat it. Even things that may seem completely harmless and innocent may have negative effects on the skin that you may have never thought of. Here are some ways that you may be sabotaging your skin and making the appearance of age markers more likely to show up quicker.

Not Enough Sleep

Many people think that getting enough sleep only affects your stress levels and your mental acuity but that's untrue. Sleep is tied to almost every facet of your body and when you don't get enough of it, you start to suffer. If you are the type that doesn't get at least 7 hours of sleep regularly, you'll need to start getting some more Z's because your skin is likely suffering because of it. What happens to the skin when you don't get enough rest is that it becomes dull, sallow and sometimes drab. This means you'll have to kiss that glow goodbye.

Too Much Coffee

This goes hand in hand with the first entry. If you have a hectic or busy lifestyle that doesn't allow you to get the amount of sleep that is necessary, you likely power through the day with the help of coffee. While this caffeinated drink isn't intrinsically bad, drinking too many cups throughout the day can have a negative effect on the skin. Coffee is naturally dehydrating, so if you consume too much of it you're plump skin will easily become dull and dry. Dry skin shows signs of aging quicker than moisturized, well-taken-care-of skin.

Touching Your Face

This is relatively common but something that goes unnoticed because it's often done subconsciously. Every time you touch your face out of habit or because you're stressed, you are transferring bacteria and dirt to your skin. Even if you are good about constantly washing your hands, this is a habit that you need to break because it may be leading to premature lines or breakouts. Think about all the things your hands come into contact with, even immediately after washing them, and it will become clear why this isn't a harmless reflex.

Using The Wrong Products

It's honestly surprising how many people use facial products that aren't actually meant for their type of skin. Not all skin is the same nor should any old product be used. This is often incredibly common for those who opt for pricy skincare products when many natural products would actually provide greater benefits at a lower cost and more effectively. So many people are using products meant for dry skin when they have combination skin. So many people are using products meant for acne-prone skin when their acne is a result of how inherently sensitive their skin is. Knowing your skin type will help you better treat it.

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