The Wonders Of Chaulmogra Oil

This particular oil was used in ayurvedic medicine centuries ago as an effective treatment for leprosy. As such, its functions and what it is generally used for has shifted. More and more uses for this very powerful oil have become well known. It comes from a tall plant that is a part of the Achariaceae family. Its seeds are used in a specific distillation method that produces the oil. Here are a few common issues that this oil can be used to combat.

Wound Healer

It makes sense that if this oil was traditionally used for leprosy that it would be a powerful aid to wounds and other skin issues. Due to its intrinsic antiseptic, antibacterial and analgesic properties, the healing process that wounds must go through is accelerated in the presence of this oil. It eliminates harmful microbes that often make wounds much worse. It also has been shown to alleviate the pain that is sometimes associated with these types of injuries. If you happen to suffer a wound, this is a great oil to have on hand as the healing time will be greatly diminished in the presence of chaulmogra oil.

Lessens Rheumatic Pain

Due to the analgesic properties within the oil, it's a great way to help diminish specific pains. This has been found to be true in dealing with rheumatism. This is a condition that is often accompanied by inflammation, discomfort and swelling. Chaulmogra oil is not only a pain reliever but it is a natural diuretic. This means that it helps to eliminate the over production of water and other toxins through urination. Massage the painful parts of the body with a couple drops of chaulmogra oil mixed with a calming oil like chamomile.

Congestion Aid

Dealing with those nagging coughs or tough congestion at any point can be incredibly difficult. During cold and flu season, many people seem like zombies walking around completely miserable because they can barely breathe, they can't stop coughing, and their nasal passages don't seem to work properly. Then this becomes a cycle that lasts for some months because everyone gets everyone else sick. Not fun at all. Chaulmogra oil can be used on the chest to help loosen the deposits of phlegm and mucus that accumulate around the lungs. Try adding a couple of drops of the oil to a carrier oil like jojoba and rubbing it on and around the chest and lower neck area.

If you have a sore throat, you can also try adding a bit of tea tree oil to the mixture and applying it to the neck. You'll begin to breathe better in no time at all. You can also add a single drop of the oil to a warm salt gargle if you want to treat the sore throat internally, however, make sure that you don't swallow the mixture.

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