The Skin-Healing Power Of Seaweed

Seaweed is more than just a yummy, salty snack or a great side salad at your favorite sushi spot. While it does have tremendous health benefits when it is consumed, what some don't realize is its ability to completely transform the skin. That's right, seaweed is so complex and filled with nutrients that it can actually improve your skin in a number of ways. This mineral and vitamin-dense ocean plant is also known to provide much needed strengthening agents to hair. Here is specifically how it benefits the skin.

Heals Acne

One of the most ubiquitous skin issues commonly faced is blemishes. Whether you deal with hormonal acne, chronic acne, cystic acne or something in between, dealing with acne can be downright horrendous. It can stifle your confidence and cause you additional stress that only perpetuates the acne cycle. Due to the anti-inflammatory compounds within the seaweed, it helps to diminish swelling and the appearance of the bumps. It also helps to manage the oil caused by the skin that naturally fosters outbreaks. Another key element of its effectiveness for acne specifically is that it is a natural exfoliant which helps to get rid of dead skin cells that accumulate on the face with dirt, makeup and grime.

Great Detox

The skin, just like every other part of the body, needs to be rid of the toxins it accumulates throughout the days, weeks and months. If you think about it, our skin is what protects us from some very common issues in our environment that we don't always acknowledge. Pollution, smog, and UV rays go to battle silently with our skin on a continual basis. Seaweed has the impressive ability to draw toxins and waste from skin. It draws out impurities that have deeply penetrated the skin and allow it to be renewed and healthy.

Strengthens Scalp

This actually makes a lot of sense if you think about it. Ocean water has been known to be really restorative and healthy for the hair. Many love that beach-wave look that the sea water gives their hair. So it's no surprise that seaweed helps to nourish and strengthen both the hair follicles themselves and also the scalp. It provides it with natural minerals that can improve its level of health and capability. If you have a notoriously itchy scalp or suffer from issues like chronic dandruff, seaweed is a great antidote for that.

Clears Rosacea

A skin condition that can range in severity from minor to very severe, rosacea directly affects the face causing redness, irritation and inflammation. It tends to happen on various parts of the face where specific pooling of blood occurs beneath the skin. Seaweed is full of B vitamins which are known to help aid this reaction of the blood. Many over-the-counter creams recommended for rosacea have seaweed in the ingredients for this very reason. An incredibly difficult skin issue to have, rosacea is hard to hide.

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