The Benefits Of Cashew Oil

When it comes to nut oils, there are many that can be chosen for their plethora of benefits and properties. The oil that is derived from the cashew nut is cold pressed and has so many powerful functions aside from its nutty flavor. While many of the nut oils that we have explored are food grade and generally known to be used in the cooking world, there is a whole other facet of health that cashew oil can provide. This is because of the intrinsic amounts of vitamins and minerals within the nuts themselves.

Great Moisturizer

Making sure that your face is properly moisturized is one of the key elements of an effective skin care routine. So often we forget that our face needs to be moisturized as dry skin is more susceptible to many skin issues and signs of premature aging. Cashew oil is great for the skin. One of the reasons why is due to the amount of moisture present in the cashew nut. While the nut itself is relatively dry, the components within in are moisture rich when it is transposed into the oil form. The unsaturated fatty acids present in the nut oil are great for the face.

Anti-Aging Properties

Speaking of anti aging, this oil is pristine in that regard due to its levels of vitamin E. Also known as the skin vitamin, vitamin E helps to provide the skin with increased elasticity, promotes collagen and helps the overall feel and look of the face. If you are suffering from fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin or any other signs of aging, incorporate some cashew oil into your skin care regimen. You'll start to notice the difference after consistent use.

Gives Hair Shine

Not only can it be used on the skin but cashew oil is also great for the hair. Due to the unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E content, it helps to provide a natural shine to hair. If you've noticed that your hair has been drab and lifeless, you may want to add a couple of drops of cashew nut oil to your shampoo or conditioner. Try a mask, similar to the ones you put on your face, and let it sit for 20 minutes and rinse it out. Your hair will be softer, more moisturized and adopt a specific shine that you've likely been missing.

Magnesium And Calcium

Both are incredibly important to the overall health of your body. They provide countless benefits to your internal system. Calcium helps to provide you with strong bones and teeth. Magnesium helps the nervous system and provides you with a stability and calmness that is necessary to navigate the unexpectedness of the world. You can easily cook with cashew oil or use it as a base for your favorite salad dressings. Not only does it add a yummy taste to your meals and dishes but provides you with the necessary nutrients you may not be getting enough of otherwise.

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