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Kudos to the old wives who spun that old wives tale about chicken broth - it really does have curative powers! Amino acids in the broth combat inflammation in the lungs and promote good digestion. And it boosts your immune system to help you fight asthma, allergies, and other autoimmune maladies.

Yes indeed! That chicken soup your granny made for you really did your body good! So, it seems, can other bone broths from beef to fish to lamb.

Who among us arthritis sufferers hasn't experienced sensory overload trying to ferret out which glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate product to buy? Problem solved. Bone broth encapsulates this and vital nutrients in a warm elixir of life. Bone broth is literally teeming with life-including minerals like calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium.

Bad To The Bone

Not all bone broth is created equally. Chicken, fish, beef, or lamb - if the original source was fed antibiotics, or a junk diet - the broth from these bones is little better than junk food. The processed stock you buy in the supermarket may be good for flavoring a favorite recipe, but it contains more salt and monosodium glutamate than real nutrients.

Troll the Internet and look for sources of antibiotic-free, grass-fed animal bones from a local farmer, your neighborhood organic grocer, or a reliable organic online market.

Simplicity Of Simmering

To avoid cooking the nutrients to death literally - don't boil the bones. Dust off that old crock pot and simmer them on low for hours; as many as 48 hours. That way as the bones release collagen, proline, glycine, glutamine, and other nutrients they'll be still alive and nutritious.

Body-Building Benefits

Bone broth is brimming with body-building goodness! For example, collagen, which is released from the bones, is a kind of connective tissue that helps hold the rest of our connective tissue together. Along with collagen, proline is one of our most important building blocks.

It strengthens our tendons and joints, and it actually helps our bodies produce collagen; and it works in tandem with the collagen to keep our skin firm, supple, and ageless. Glycine builds lean muscle mass. Glutamine is the most common amino acid in our bodies, and it helps to keep our muscle tissue strong and healthy.

Bone broth has become so popular lately that some people are substituting it for their morning cup-o-joe. No bones about it, organic, grass-fed, antibiotic-free bone broth is a daily brew you should consider.

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