Storax Or Styrax Balsam: What Is It?

styrax-japonicusThere are often more lesser known elements or components that come from nature but aren't as popular as its counterparts. This isn't to say that theyre not also incredibly effective and potentially a fantastic way to safely combat health issues and ailments. The focus of today's exploration is that of a substance called styrax balsam- which is the natural resin or build up that comes from the bark of a plant called Liquidambar orientalis. The use of this resin traces back to ancient Greece. It was sometimes used as a perfume or to help flavor wine. Storax also has extensive uses in the medical realm and can be used as a treatment for various issues.

The component is actually found and used in the making of incense because it has properties that effectively set the scene or have natural mood enhancers that help to promote relaxation. If you're big into scents and ambiance, try to find an incense or a candle that has this as an active ingredient. It will effectively and noticeably fill the room with an aroma that is incredibly calming and relaxing. Despite being a great aid in aromatherapy, it's most widely used in the medicinal world.

Something that is referred to as levant styrax oil can be used when there is a weak antibacterial activity for issues that deal with the respiratory tract. The oil can be used on the chest to help increase the ability to breath more deeply. For those who have asthma, seasonal allergies or bronchitis, this is a good oil to keep on hand. It's even safe to ingest so if you need a bit more direct exposure for your throat, you can use it as a gargle or even a tea. This will help to properly provide an effective decongesting reaction.

It can also be helpful as a way to treat wounds. Due to its mild, stimulating properties, it promotes the growth of new and healthy skin cells around vulnerable and wounded skin. Just a few drops of this oil used in conjunction with another oil that is a known antiseptic and antibacterial aid is a great way to properly treat wounds, scrapes and burns. Just a couple of drops on top of the wounded area will have it healing at an exponentially higher and quicker rate than if some other aid is used.

In ancient times, styrax balsam was actually used for those who had fainting spells, convulsions and stroke. It is highly effective on the heart and the spleen. Its primary uses were for resuscitation. For those who would lose consciousness from these problems, this resin would prove to be very beneficial and worthwhile. There is a positive correlation between the obvious effect that something like a stroke has on an individual and the confusion, lockjaw and various other symptoms that can be helped when styrax balsam is used as a resuscitation aid. It's amazing the way that nature has given us so many things that can effectively improve our health and lives, even in a crisis.

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