Sassafras Oil Benefits

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There are many ways that sassafras oil can benefit us. The plant, which looks similar to the herbs you see in the supermarket, is native to Eastern North America as well as parts of Asia. The trees themselves are quite impressive and can grow up to 100 feet tall. Many parts of the tree are actually used in various manners, included the leaves, bark, stems, flowers and branches.

Because of the abundance of nutrients that are found in the plant itself, it can be used for many different issues and ailments that you may be facing. Here are all the ways that sassafras oil can be beneficial to you.


If you have skin that's a bit sensitive or you are prone to allergic reactions or rashes, this oil is definitely one that you'll want to have on hand. That is because sassafras oil has incredibly potent anti-inflammatory properties that can help any type of swelling that may occur as a result of an unsavory reaction. It is also great to help return the skin to its former texture and color. Oftentimes, sores, rashes or marks can cause the skin to start appearing differently. Sassafras oil is a great aid to help correct the skin and return it to its former state. Just a couple a drops will be sufficient. Treat troublesome areas with this oil right away.


One of the primary uses of sassafras oil is directly tied to gout and rheumatism. This is because the properties within this oil work well to help alleviate tension and pain that is often experienced around the joints and muscles of sufferers. Even those who have milder forms of arthritis find that this oil is incredibly helpful when dealing with their pain. Use a couple of drops mixed in with a carrier oil and rub it into the parts of your body where you feel any tension or pain. You'll be surprised at how much it helps to relieve it. It permeates the skin and directly targets the part of the body that's in pain.

Increases Dental Health

That's right, you can even use this oil to help elevate your oral care. Interestingly enough, sassafras twigs were used as makeshift toothbrushes many moons ago. This is because the antiseptic properties of this root cause it to be incredibly beneficial for the teeth and gums. You can use a drop or two on your gums, or you can make a gargle: salt water and two drops of sassafras oil, which you can then swish around your mouth after brushing your teeth. The bacteria that festers there won't be any match for this potent oil.

Heals Wounds

Due to its antiseptic elements, it can be used to properly speed up the healing of scraps, scratches and cuts. This happens as the sassafras oil can help to increase the amount of oxygenated blood that is pumped to and around the injury. This helps to speed up healing time. It is also known to increase metabolic processes which help the rate of recovery as well.

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