Rash Decisions About Seasonal Skin Care

Everybody has somebody who gets under their skin. Apart from these stressful encounters, there are the daily shocks and traumas our skin suffers throughout the course of the workweek. In addition, theres the onslaught of seasonal changes in temperature, humidity, sunlight, airborne chemicals, spores, pollens, particles, and pollutants - all of which smack us in the face. No wonder our skin breaks out in protest from time to time.


While the heat and humidity of summer can trigger acne, leaving a sun-loving teen or young adult, with a face full of embarrassment; the transition into fall and winter can cause an acne outbreak as well. This time the malefactor may be a vitamin D deficiency. The less sunlight, the less vitamin D, the greater risk of an acne attack.

Some people also experience seasonal depression that can create stress that shows up on their faces as well in the form of blotchy acne. Cold weather and forced air heating systems can dry and irritate the skin. And your diet, especially around the holidays, may mean youre feeding your face a lot of toxins that may cause blemishes.


Scaly itchy red skin caused by eczema plagues millions of Americans every year.

Also called atopic dermatitis, this form of eczema can cause blistering and cracking of the skin. Cold, blustery weather outside and dry air conditions inside can easily exacerbate it on the hands, face, feet, elbows, and knees.

Healing Balms

Your skin is your bodys largest organ, so take care of it! Seek a dermatologist for advice about a reliable vitamin D supplement to take until the spring. A humidifier can add moisture to the air in your home.

Forgive the redundancy but the truth is that essential oils are essential to healthy skin. Avocado, coconut, flaxseed or olive oil - when applied daily and generously - will provide a robust and rigorous moisturizing treatment that should help to keep your skin supple, smooth, hydrated, and rash free for the duration. 

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