The Power Of Pine Oil

Pine oil comes directly from the needles found on a pine tree. After it is properly distilled via the common steam method, it produces an oil that is refreshing, potent and energizing. There are several ways that pine oil can be advantageous for specific health concerns.

The pine needles and bark were historically used by the Greeks and Romanians for a myriad of issues. The oil itself holds active properties that can directly target inflammation. This is what makes it an ideal oil for those who may have respiratory issues. Here are some other ways that pine oil can be beneficial.

Decreases Allergies

Many people are susceptible to seasonal allergies. Being unable to breathe or sneezing every five seconds can be one of the most pesky and annoying nuisances to experience. Allergies have a way of making us feel miserable, groggy and unable to focus the way that we should. Pine oil has the ability to help as it can lower the presence of the allergens in the air. This includes those little invisible particles that trigger insane allergic reactions. You can either diffuse the pine oil throughout rooms in your home, or you can rub a bit of the oil, mixed with a carrier oil like coconut or jojoba, into your neck, chest and temples to alleviate any symptoms you're already experiencing.

Acne Fighter

One of the most prevalent skin issues is that of unsightly blemishes that just don't go away. It's incredibly difficult to deal with and fight acne for years, only for it to come back when whatever you're using stops working. The thing about acne and blemishes is that there are underlying causes that need to be addressed. Aside from hormonal changes and diet, looking at how you cleanse your face is also incredibly important. Bacteria can be one of the most common causes of acne. Pine oil has the ability to fight it on contact. Add a couple of drops of pine oil to your cleanser and watch how your acne subsides.

Natural Energizer

If you are feeling a bit sluggish or tired, the remedy could be pine oil. It has been known to fight fatigue and to relieve mental cloudiness and exhaustion. Do you find that the middle of the day is exceptionally difficult for you to get through? Do you sometimes want a pick me up that doesn't include ridiculous amounts of caffeine or food? A bit of pine oil is just what you need.

Try dabbing some on your wrists or if you can soak a cotton ball in the oil and put it in your office or car to give you clarity and a much needed energy boost.

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