Organic Skin Secret: Cupuacu Butter

While it isn't as well known as shea or cocoa butter, the butter often referred to as cupuacu butter is just as effective and powerful. It's amazing the ability that elements derived straight from the earth can be so fortifying and enriching to our bodies and skin. This is definitely the case with cupuacu butter. The butter itself comes from the cacao plant which is native to the Amazon rainforest. It has amazing benefits that will completely revitalize your skin. Here's exactly how the butter improves skin.

The butter comes from the seeds after it is cold pressed from the plant, which is actually a tree. This typically takes place during the rainy season when the trees are naturally flourishing. The butter exists in a nourishing and luxurious state that is full of phytosterols which help to boost the levels of collagen and ensure the quality of the skin and how it appears. This will aid in how supple and luxurious your skin looks.

The great aspect of this butter is that the emulsions within it help to elevate the performance of all of the nutrients and vitamins. This helps to improve the texture of your skin while also protecting it from outside forces that could negatively impact it - such as free radicals and other environmental stressors.

Skin Protection

One of the most integral aspects of adequate and effective hair care is maintaining the skin's necessary barrier. When skin isn't properly protected, this can sometimes cause premature aging and various other skin problems. Cupuacu manages to assist with this as it helps to mitigate the level of toxins that the skin absorbs as well as other harmful entities such as wind, sun exposure and cigarette smoke. Adequate protection for your skin is essential and will be ensured with the use of cupuacu butter. 

The butter is also a great aid to parched and dry hair. It has been known to assist in providing hair that is damaged or struggling with the needed hydration and moisture it so desperately craves. You can use it as a daily moisturizer to ensure that your hair is always properly moisturized or you can use it as a mask or deep conditioner you apply to your hair once a week. You can even mix it with other oils and moisturizing butters to provide an even stronger, long-lasting effect.

An interesting fact about this butter is that it's often considered of food grade variety and is used as an ingredient in white chocolate. Traditionally, in parts of Brazil, the butter has been used and incorporated into many sweet treats and interesting desserts - things like juices, ice creams and other delicious and delectable treats. While this is typically done in the land native to the butter itself, you can use the butter in a whole host of ways - which includes cooking with it!

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