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Many of us are aware of the benefits of vitamin C for colds, flues or viruses. We are aware that it bolsters our immune system and wards of bad germs, but did you know that vitamin C is also incredibly beneficial to the skin? This is one of the reasons that orange peel oil is so highly regarded in the natural skincare community.

The oil itself can be used for a myriad of other uses, but to incorporate it into your skincare routine will have you feeling both delighted and refreshed. Included below are some of the best benefits of orange peel oil. 

Eliminate Dark Bags

We all know what it's like to not get enough sleep and to look in the mirror the next morning in shock and horror. When we are sleep deprived, it shows on our faces; usually in the form of bags or dark circles underneath the eyes. Orange peel oil is a great remedy for this problem. Aside from smelling lovely, it's properties add a natural, restorative glow to the skin. It is known to also eliminate dead skin cells.

Anti- Aging Properties

Because orange peel oil is naturally an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, it is perfect for skin that is prone to acne, scaring or premature aging. The anti-inflammatory properties of the oil allow for puffiness and redness to be reduced and to minimize scarring.

This also allows the skin to better absorb the vitamin C that is being applied. This promotes blood flow and collagen production, two of the main aspects that are essential for the anti aging process. There is an immediacy to using this oil that is often missing from other over the counter skin products.

Eliminate Dry Lips

When the weather changes, many of us have to struggle with dry and cracking lips. Orange peel oil has moisturizing properties that can help with this common irritation. It isn't advised to apply the oil directly to the lips, instead try mixing a combination of cocoa butter and mango butter together and add several drops of the orange peel oil, not only will it help aid in softening and healing your lips, but it will also smell divine!


The great thing about orange peel oil is that it's so versatile. It is best used with other ingredients like honey, oatmeal or sugar. Just a few drops of the oil, with these other natural items, will have your skin looking youthful and fresh.

Whether you need a mask, moisturizer or lip balm, orange peel oil is a fantastic and beneficial oil to incorporate into your skin care routine. Skin that is prone to acne, wrinkles or dark spots will especially benefit from the nutritional properties of the essential oil.

It's important to realize that ingesting vitamin C is not the only way to benefit from its essentially vital nutrients. The skin, just like the internal immune system, needs and will benefit from the existence of vitamin C. This is what makes orange peel oil such a fabulous skin care aid.

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