The Many Uses For Essential Oil Litsea Cubeba

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This herb is known as a Chinese herb that has been used traditionally in many different ways for many thousands of years. The botanical name for this herb is May Chang. It usually takes the form of white and yellow flowers that leave a very citrusy scent on whatever it touches.

It's very similar in scent and consistency to that of lemongrass with a bit of a sweeter fragrance - quite a lemony smell that makes it a great oil for aromatherapy purposes. Here are some other benefits of this essential oil.

Infection Fighter

Due to the antimicrobial and anti fungal properties of the oil, it makes for a great way to fight infection and to clean any wounds. This works on both the topical level as well as the sensory level. If you are fighting a cold or a cough, try putting a few drops of this oil in a humidifier or vaporizer to breathe in the scent.

Its powerful components will help to treat and correct the respiratory issues that often come with that type of illness.

Emotional Balance

Sometimes it's hard to maintain a type of equanimity with your feelings - especially if you live a very stressful lifestyle. Your emotions can sometimes be heightened and influenced by your experiences. Litsea Cubeba is known as a great aid to arrhythmia, which is often brought on by anxiety and stress.

The scent of the oil helps to put the nervous system at ease which is the first place that seasonal blues or irritability shows itself. Negative emotions can run rampant and can potentially lead to other underlining health issues. A whiff of this oil is just what you need to restore emotional calm.

Oily Skin

If you have skin that is prone to acne and constantly gets oily, this is definitely an oil that you want to consider using. It has gentle astringent components that will do wonders to help clean and unclog your pores. Due to its antimicrobial properties it is great at cleansing the face and preventing further breakouts that may be spurred on by germs and the harsh elements.

It's also great for skin that tends to sweat a lot. The properties within the oil allow it to kill the germs that often grows in sweat and leads to bad smells. Add a couple of drops of this oil to your skin cleanser and your body lotion for fast, amazing results.


Because of its disinfectant qualities it can be used as an all-natural kitchen cleaner. Cleaning cutting boards and counters with spray that is potentially harmful due to the latent chemicals is not ideal. Instead you can make a household cleaner from all-natural products.

A few drops of this oil mixed with tea tree oil and water will have all of your surfaces clean and your kitchen smelling fantastic. Get rid of the harsh chemicals and protect your family by switching to a method that's much safer and better for the senses and internal systems.

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