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The Magic Of Sage Oil

Interestingly enough, sage is said to be the plant that has been used the longest historically in both medical and culinary practices. This is really cool when you think of all the herbs and oils that have been used for eons as a way to flavor food and heal ailments. There are so many things that we can easily and quickly remedy from items that come directly from the earth. More and more people are trying to live holistic and organic lifestyles so these types of informative posts provide you with necessary and factual information about these wonderful natural products.

Sage essential oil is distilled from sage leaves. There are many practices that include sage as a spiritually healing and cleansing plant. The herb's name comes from the Latin word salvere and it is known for its ability to therapeutically improve the lives and moods of those who use it regularly. Historically the Greeks and Romans thought sage to be one of the preeminent herbs and even considered it sacred. In ancient times it was considered a great aid for both the mind and the body. Sage plants were often given to neighbors or gatherers to offer them good luck and safety. There are many different types of benefits that are attributed to this plant, especially in oil form.

Luckily sage oil is incredibly good to implement into beauty care regimens. We're always trying to find a way to make our hair and skin look and feel amazing. Sage oil can be a huge part in that quest. It's a great hair conditioner and has been known to help eliminate dandruff and help clarify oily, stringy hair. There's nothing worse than those annoying little white flakes that can gather around on your scalp and fall in unsightly clusters on your clothes. A bit of sage oil mixed in with your regular shampoo will definitely do the trick. It can also leave your hair naturally shiny and bouncy by stripping it of excess oils.

If you're looking for a moisturizer for your skin that isn't too oily but will zap dry skin in its tracks, this is likely a good oil to keep on hand. It's often found in anti mark and anti spot creams because all of its positive attributes that make it great for spots or marks that you may suffer from on various parts of your face. If you have a problem with dry skin it is absolutely essential that you properly moisturize for a number of reasons. One of which is that dry skin is more susceptible to developing lines and wrinkles. Skin that is properly moisturized - especially with oils full of skin-filling and tightening properties - are the best.

Sage oil is also wonderful to help fight fatigue and depression. For those who find that they can sometimes get a little overwhelmed and need a boost every once and awhile, putting a bit of sage oil in a oil lamp or a diffuser is a great idea. This can instantly put you in a better head space.

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