Key Benefits Of Yarrow Oil

This particular herb is derived from a flowering plant that can be found in parts of Asia, North America and Europe. Similarly to the way that the name of the plant sounds, the budding blossoms usually take on a yellowish hue. For many years this herb has been used for different purposes. Historically, it was used to stop the flow of blood from an open wound. Here are some of the main ways that this essential oil can be used.


Inflammation can show up in many different ways. It can be from the common cold, that leads to the raw, roughness of the nose, or the digestive system that can be caused by eating too much of the wrong food. Inflammation is largely a symptom and byproduct of many different illnesses. Thankfully, this oil can help curb that. Just a few drops on the chest, stomach or underneath the nose will do the trick and help to mitigate inflammation.


One of the most critical things you must do to a scrap, scratch or open wound is to clean it. Yarrow oil is naturally an antiseptic which means it protects wounds from specific bacteria and fungus that will negatively impact it and may lead to more complications. The oil acts as a protective barrier around the wound to prevent any unwanted intrusions of microbes.


As an astringent this oil is perfect to use on both skin and for oral care. An astringent's main property consists of bringing about contractions to muscle and tissues. This is why using a toner with a strong astringent is necessary after cleansing your face. It helps to protect the face from dirt, makeup or other particles from setting into pores and wreaking havoc. If you are struggling with gums that bleed or from loose teeth, a bit of yarrow oil will help. Just dab it on your gums after your normal oral routine.


There are numerous skin creams on the market that state they specialize in the removal of scars. Whether they are effective or not really isn't the point. What's more important is that the ingredient list on some of these products is downright haunting. You don't want to put anything on your skin that may actually be bad for it in the long run. Yarrow oil has the ability to eliminate discoloration and scaring by penetrating the skin and further healing the scar. It does this while being 100% natural and of the earth. No additives necessary.


One of the most annoying things about seasons changing is having to deal with congestion and allergies. For some, allergies are only mild and don't really interrupt the flow of their day or the ability to get things done. While others suffer terribly and can't seem to function, suffering from allergies can throw off their entire day. Yarrow oil can help as a natural decongestant. Add a few drops into a carrier oil and rub it on your chest to provide respiratory and congestive relief.

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