Inflammation Killer: Turmeric Oil

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Many are aware of the large history the root turmeric has historically as a medical aid. It's an incredibly impressive, completely natural entity that can help a whole plethora of issues. The root itself has over 20 molecules that are antibiotic and over 10 that are known as cancer preventative.

There are also numerous qualities that are anti tumor, antioxidant and anti inflammatory. The latter is known in many health circles. Here are some of the ways that turmeric, in oil form, can be incredibly helpful. 

Neurological Effects

It is said that there is a certain type of cell that is located in the spinal cord and the brain that is positively affected by turmeric. This cell is called microglia, which can be triggered by the simple aroma of the oil. It can help to improve neurological diseases like Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, stroke or traumatic brain injury. You can simply inhale the oil by itself or even rub it into your temples or the back of your neck.

Address Joint Issues

Due to the inflammation that is often experienced from conditions like arthritis or rheumatism, they can be very painful conditions to manage. For this reason, and because turmeric is known as one of the most powerful anti inflammatory agents in the health food world, taking turmeric internally is a great option.

However, a more direct and topical treatment for pain is often preferred. That's where turmeric essential oil comes in. Mix the oil with a bit of coconut oil and massage it into your joints and muscles that are causing you pain.

Destroys Cancer Cells

As was explained above, the components within this oil are anything but standard and ordinary. There are studies that have found that turmeric oil can help to inhibit TPAs which are often seen in breast cancer patients. TPAs are little cells that promote tumors, thus making them dangerous and potentially ruinous if they are cancerous.

Leukemia cells have also been seen to shrink and die off in the presence of turmeric oil. Turmeric has powerful anti cancer abilities that could potentially save lives.

Depression And Anxiety Aid

If you, or someone you know, is suffering from mood issues or an incessant worry, this oil could be just what you are looking for. Not only is it a strong relaxant with a pleasant aroma but it's a natural balancer so if there is an imbalance occurring that is causing mood swings, depression or a specific type of nervousness, this is the oil you want to keep on hand. You can use it in a diffuser or an oil burner. Just breathing the oil will give the desired effect.

Cold Buster

Because of the intrinsic common anti-inflammatory agents within turmeric, it can help the common congestion that builds during cold and flu session. Whether it's nasal congestion or head congestion, just a few drops of this oil will get the job done. 

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