How To Care For Your Skin In Your 60s, 70s And 80s

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Skincare is an important part of your daily routine for many reasons. Not only does it help you stay looking your best, but having healthy skin is important for staying healthy overall. As you get older, the type of skincare you need to stay looking and feeling great changes. This is because your skin changes naturally as you get older.

The stress of transitioning into senior communities can be overwhelming for many people, and this stress can have negative impacts on your skin. Here are some tips to help you take care of your skin in later life. 

Drink Plenty Of Water

As the skin ages, it naturally becomes dehydrated, which can result in uncomfortable, dry, flaky patches as well as wrinkling. To prevent dehydration, its important to drink water throughout the day. Water is very nourishing and gives your skin cells a little extra boost.

If you up your water intake significantly, you'll likely notice a visual difference fairly quickly. If you struggle to remember to drink water, try carrying a thermos with you throughout the day, and start ordering water when you would normally order a coffee or soda at restaurants.

Use Sun Protection

Sun damage is another very common problem for senior skin, which is naturally more vulnerable than younger skin. Too much sun exposure for seniors can result in serious sunburns, moles, or even skin cancer in some cases. Its very important that seniors use sunscreen when going outside, even if its just for a few minutes. Its also helpful to wear hats, long sleeves, and sunglasses to give your body an extra layer of protection against the sun.

Use Mild, Unscented Soap Products

Since the skin is more prone to dehydration in old age, its important to use skincare products that are light and don't contain a strong scent or too many chemicals. These chemicals and scents can dry your skin out or even irritate it, which can be very uncomfortable. Instead, look for products that are designed to be gentle and don't have added scents. Many drugstores carry product ranges that are specifically designed for sensitive skin.

Incorporate Moisturizer Into Your Routine

In addition to using very gentle products, you should start using moisturizer in your skincare routine if you do not already. Moisturizer can give aging skin the added boost it needs to stay feeling good and looking healthy. You should use two different types of moisturizer for your face and body, since the skin in these two areas is so different.

You should apply body moisturizer after you take a shower, and you can apply a small amount of face moisturizer once or twice a day, ideally when you're getting ready in the morning and then right before you go to bed. If you're not sure whats appropriate for your needs, consult with a dermatologist or even ask your primary care doctor.

Make Sure You're Getting Enough Vitamins

The nutrients you eat can have a big impact on the way your skin looks and feels, so its important to make sure you're eating a balanced diet and getting enough vitamins. In particular, vitamins A, C, and E are all very important for healthy skin.

These vitamins can be found in several fruits and vegetables, and you can also find them in supplements. If you don't get these vitamins in your diet naturally, taking a supplement is usually the easiest way to ensure your body is getting the nutrients it needs to function properly.

Turn Down Your Water Temperature

Although hot baths and showers feel good, they can actually be very detrimental to aging skin. This is because the warm water actually dries the skin out, and since older skin is prone to dehydration, the results can be very uncomfortable. Too much hot water can result in dry or flaky patches of skin, as well as redness or irritation.

Turning down your water temperature just a small amount can make a big difference in your skins overall quality. Using moisturizer after the shower is also quite helpful.

Taking care of your skin in your later years is so important for many reasons. Not only does it look aesthetically pleasing to have nice skin, but it also helps you feel healthy. Taking these steps to care for your skin will help you feel your best and develop a radiant glow. Ask your doctor for more personalized tips on senior skincare and other senior living help.

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