Evening Primrose Oil And Skin Health

evening primrose and skin healthThe intrinsic health benefits of different types of oils and their positive effects on skin are well documented. In order to obtain that information though, you sometimes have to go looking for it. While millions of dollars are spent in the skin care market, trying to peddle overpriced face creams and promising younger looking skin, the real keys to skin health is likely in a natural food or vitamin store. This is especially the case for a particular oil that is known to have other impressive health benefits. Evening primrose oil and skin health go hand in hand.

Not only is evening primrose oil considered one of the best things for overall skin health, it can be used for troublesome skin conditions as well. If you or someone you know suffers from any type of skin-related problem, such as eczema or psoriasis, evening primrose oil can provide relief from the irritation and discomfort. Opening a gel capsule and putting the evening primrose oil directly on the inflamed area is recommended. However, the gel capsules can also be taken internally to help those auto-immune conditions from the inside out. The mechanisms within the evening primrose oil allows an inherent structural change in the tissue of the skin. Thus, healing and correcting the skin that is affected by the condition. Evening primrose oil is also a natural source of healthy fatty acids, which proves to be beneficial for the health of the skin.

Natural Way To Balance Hormones

Evening primrose oil and skin health are interconnected because of its propensity to reduce inflammation and moisturize skin. Due to the hormonal imbalances that tend to lead to acne breakouts, evening primrose oil can directly address it. Evening primrose oil acts as a natural way to balance hormones. Women who take it regularly speak about its ability to lessen the huge hormonal shift they usually feel during their menstruation cycles. This is due to the components in the supplement that allows balance and cohesion in the endocrine system. Evening primrose oil can also be used for the puffiness around eyes and on different problem areas of the face.

Many people suffer from sagging skin or even puffiness around the face and eyes. This oil also helps boost the circulation of the blood vessels in the face. So when you feel like you look tired or the lack of sleep is showing up on your skin, evening primrose oil is the perfect answer. It has natural anti inflammatory properties which allow it to target redness and irritation. Evening primrose is light enough to be able to penetrate the skin easily and not leave a gross, oily film. Again, the great thing about this oil is that it can be used both internally and topically. After ingesting it consistently for a month, your skin will look and feel much improved.

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