Double Cleansing: All About The Asian Skincare Trend You Should Be Doing

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Written By Jennifer Raskin / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

It’s no secret that both Japanese and Korean women have fabulous skin. But what exactly is their secret? Among their arsenal of skincare tips is the double cleansing technique.

While it is roughly what it sounds like – cleansing your face twice – it’s a bit more involved in that. You’ll first cleanse with a facial oil, micellar water, or balm. Then you’ll follow it up with a deeper cleanse from a water-based product. This two-step method gets rid of makeup, dead skin cells, bacteria, sweat, and pollutants.

That doesn’t mean you can take your favorite cleanser and simply cleanse, rinse, and repeat. For a proper double cleansing experience, you need to use two different types of cleansers. While it’s mostly done in the evenings to rid your face of everything that has accumulated on it during the day, you can also try the technique in the morning if you wake up to very greasy skin.

Why Should You Do It?

At the end of a long day of work or a late night of fun, it makes sense that you only want to climb into bed. Force yourself to make it through your skincare routine in the evening though because that’s the most important time for skin to renew and replenish. If you have makeup lingering on your face, you inhibit the process for cell renewal, clog pores, and wake up with unsavory skin.

Go ahead and swipe with a cotton pad and micellar water. You may need several of them to get rid of all your makeup. From there, do your second part of the double cleanse to brighten away dullness and lift your complexion. Then you pave the way for your serum, moisturizer, and even retinol to do their best work while you dream.

If you live in a busy city, double cleansing is an absolute must. Pollution and toxins from the environment are more present in cities. These things can speed up the aging process so you should do everything you can to stay looking youthful and keep skin plumped with hydration.

Do The Double Cleanse!

Start tonight with your first double cleansing routine. All products should be chosen based on your skin type. For every skin type though, make sure you choose cleansers that are free of sulfates, alcohol, and fragrance. A look at the pH level helps too since you want to find one that keeps your skin balanced at its normal level of five.

For those with normal skin, creamy or moisturizing formulas will be a good fit. Dry or sensitive skin types need something that is very gentle and non-irritating. Look for a neutral pH level to keep skin from drying out more and nourishing ingredients that hydrate like shea butter or jojoba oil.

If you’re skin is oily or experiences frequent breakouts, lightweight cleansers for regulating oil production are advisable. However, if you have difficulty getting rid of acne, anti-inflammatory ingredients will help you, like vitamin E or glycolic acid.

For combination skin, you want something that falls right in the middle. Choose an oil-based cleanser with ceramides and a rich texture and then follow it up with a foaming cleanser to revitalize.

Are you ready to try the double cleansing technique? It could be just what your skin needs to look its best!

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