Cyperus Scariosus' Powerful Components

The cyperus scariosus plant grows freely in the wild. It is seen predominately in India but can also be found in other places. This oil has numerous benefits that span many different health concerns.

Skin Conditions

Our skin can be incredibly temperamental and hard to deal with. Many issues that form on the skin are due to it being sensitive or from some other type of reaction that starts internally and shows itself on the outside. Take psoriasis and dermatitis for example. These skin inflammation issues are often linked to an auto immunity. The skin reactions are what happen when that gets out of control. This oil has the ability to calm and nourish your skin in a way that affected skin often needs. It can also assist with the irritation and redness that is often a result of dealing with those painful skin conditions.


This oil is great if you readily experience acne or breakouts. No one wants to deal with spots and bumps on their face. Sometimes they hurt, sometimes they're just big eye sores that make you feel self conscious. Many of those who suffer from acne also suffer from oily skin. This is the conditions that acne tends to work best on. There are oil regulating properties within cyperus scariosus that will help with the over production of sebum that adds to this problem. This oil is also great at cleaning your face and ridding it of any bacteria that gathers, which can also make acne much worse. This oil is great for the improvement of your skin's condition overall.

Stress Reliever

Aromatherapy is incredibly effective for many different reasons, but it's important to note that not only do the popular oils and scents provide you with positive and needed benefits but the lesser known ones can as well. This oil has the ability to relieve stress, calm your mood and reduce and relieve tension. If you're the type of person that carries a lot of stress on a daily basis, or you happen to lead a very hectic or busy lifestyle, keeping this oil on hand to use in diffusers or oil burners is a great idea. A little goes a long way as you only need 2 to 3 drops to fill your entire room with a powerful scent that has been found to positively impact your nervous system, which will help you manage and deal with daily stressors.

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