Ceramides: What To Know About What They Do

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Written By Jennifer Raskin / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

If you’re looking for anti-aging skincare, you’ve probably seen plenty of products that include ceramides. It’s not just another buzzword in beauty though. Ceramides are a great way to help you turn back time and get that ageless look.

Basically, they’re lipids that usually make up a large concentration in the upper layers of your skin. They help create the bonds with your skin cells, holding it all together with a protective layer that keeps moisture from escaping and halts damage from environmental antagonists.

Because of the normal aging process and sun damage, the ceramides in your skin naturally deplete. This makes the skin barrier weaker and you’re left with dry, rough skin that has wrinkles and looks dehydrated.

How Ceramides Can Help your skin

Ceramides nourish and strengthen that skin barrier. As they do, they boost hydration so skin looks plumper and smoother. It feels firmer to the touch and you’ll notice lines and wrinkles are less apparent. Additionally, any skin sensitivities you have will minimize.

If you’re looking for a wonderful way to fight the signs of aging, ceramides are a great place to start. Skin tends to look more aged when it is dry so locking in moisture via ceramides may hold the key to your everlasting youthful looks.

However, there is something you should know about ceramides. They need to be properly contained in a viable product container to do the most good. Products that are exposed to light and air lose their effectiveness. This is why you never want anything that comes in a jar.

Instead, choose ceramide products that come in opaque tubes or bottles that have airtight dispensers or pumps. This will ensure the ingredients stay effective.

Who Should Use Ceramides for skin?

If you’re concerned about aging skin, ceramides are definitely for you. But you don’t have to have lines or wrinkles to benefit.

Ceramides are skin replenishing ingredients that can be used to the benefit of all skin types. Sensitive and acne-prone skin also benefit. You can feel free to use ceramides around your eyes though make sure the formula you choose is free of fragrances.

You don’t have to chuck out the rest of your skincare bounty when welcoming in ceramides either. They’ll be even more effective when you use them with other lipids like glycerin or fatty acids.

If you really want your ceramides to do their best work, make sure the ones you choose have antioxidants to restore as well as replenish for flawlessly beautiful skin.

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