Bulnesia Sarmientoi - The Calming Plant

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There are hundreds of thousands of plants on this planet. The way that they can positively affect mood or specific ailments has been documented for centuries from certain cultures that pride themselves on holistic treatments. The official names of some of these trees and plants are incredibly difficult to pronounce; this one is definitely one of them.

Bulnesia Sarmientoi is a deciduous tree that is known for its long, sparse branches. It can grow up to 18 meters tall and has been used historically for both its timber and the oil extracted from it. The tree itself can be found in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. The tropical South American region of the world has the best weather that is necessary for optimum growth.

The type of oil that comes from the tree is called guaiacwood. It is similar to coconut oil, and becomes a solid, waxy substance at room temperature and cooler. Its scent is one of the things it's known for as it has a pleasant woodsy, balsamic smell that also comes off a bit sweet.

Many say it has undertones of amber and vanilla as well. Because of its smell, it has traditionally been used in perfumes - not only because of its aroma but because it does have a low-cost fixative, which means it can easily scent certain mixtures without costing companies a bunch of money.

If you are the type of person that loves to smell good but doesn't react well to traditional, over-the-counter lotions and perfumes, you may want to try making your own. Many are sensitive to the chemicals that can be found in products that are mass produced.

Guaiacwood essential oil blends great with a myriad of oils - jasmine grand, juniper berry, cypress, cinnamon bark, vanilla, clove bud, orange sweet, ylang ylang and chamomile roman. All of these come in organic and 100% natural formulas that can be easily mixed into soap, incense, candles and natural perfumes. Bearing in mind you don't have an allergy to the specific oil you are using, even those with sensitive skin can use these mixtures and not suffer any unsavory reactions.

A natural anti inflammatory, this oil is good for anyone who suffers from gout, arthritic pain, or rheumatism as it directly targets the inflammation that causes these conditions to be so painful and hard to manage. Due to its natural earthy base and pleasant fragrance, it has also been known to be a great de-stressor and a wonderful aid for those who need help to relax and unwind.

Many have called it the perfect blend for those who are looking to create meditative or calming spaces. Historically, the tree was considered sacred by the natives because of this effect.

You can try adding a couple of drops to your bathwater or even an oil lamp to get the full sensory effect of the oil. Because it is such a thick oil, a little bit is all you need. It will go a long way. It also has a decongestant component that will help those suffering from allergies, colds and coughs.

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