The Benefits Of Cedarwood Essential Oil

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Many are familiar with this essential oil; its more well known than some other essential oils that we have introduced. The woodsy fragrance of this oil is very distinct and can often be found in perfumes, lotions and soaps, but cedarwood has traditional benefits associated with the oil itself as well - so much so that the tree is even mentioned in the Bible as a symbol of abundance, protection and wisdom.

The oil goes through a distillation process where the wood gets transformed into oil and is sold in many different sizes. Here are all the ways cedarwood oil can be used.


If you suffer from the auto-immune skin condition eczema, in whatever degree, this oil can definitely help alleviate some of the symptoms. This skin condition is actually incredibly common and it manifests itself as dry, dark, scaly skin usually seen on the elbows, knees or hands.

Applying cedarwood oil onto the affected skin will help to properly moisturize it and even reduce the peeling that often accompanies eczema. You can even add a couple of drops of the oil to your bath.

Hair Loss

If you are shedding an abnormal amount or have been noticing some premature balding, you may want to try out some cedarwood oil on your scalp. This also goes for those who may be experiencing hair loss as a result of a specific ailment like alopecia.

Add a few drops of cedarwood oil into your shampoo or conditioner and continue on with your hair care routine as normal. You will start to notice that your hair will become thicker and fuller after prolonged use.

Dry Scalp

Scalps that tend to get dry and itchy often result in dandruff - those pesky little white flakes that can really make you self conscious. Cedarwood helps to increase circulation of the scalp while also helping to restore the proper pH balance.

When those things are aligned, the scalp is no longer dry and dandruff will no longer be a problem. Oil your scalp and let the oil sit on it for 30 to 45 minutes. Then rinse it out. You can do this until you notice a big difference in the state of your scalp.

Helps Arthritis

For those who have inflammation in their tissues and joints, this oil is great to use. Cedarwood is a natural anti inflammatory, which means it can help reduce the amount of tension and inflammation that is notoriously associated with arthritis. Add a few drops to coconut oil and rub it into your hands, knees or whatever part of your body suffers from the pain.


The reason it's used in many body care products is because the oil has natural deodorizing properties. It's also a comforting and reassuring fragrance so it helps with moods and feeling tense. If you are interested in making your own soaps or perfumes, you'll definitely want to have some cedarwood oil on hand.

Use this to make a deodorizing spray for your laundry room, gym bag or garage; anything that gets smelly will be no match for the fragrant force of cedarwood.

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