Almond Oil: The Best Natural Conditioner

almond oil conditionerDry, limp, lifeless hair can sometimes be incredibly hard to revive. With the amount of harsh, hot tools, chemical treatments and varying weather conditions that the hair is subjected to, it's no wonder that it can sometimes need a big pick me up. Whether it's brittle, hard to manage or stringy, dehydrated hair requires a very specific type of treatment. While over-the-counter conditioners claim to bring moisture and shine back to drab hair, they often come with a myriad of harmful ingredients and chemicals in their products. The best way to give your hair a bit of TLC is to use almond oil as a conditioner.

Almond oil is one of the best oils to use on hair because it deeply penetrates the hair follicle. Almond oil is incredibly lightweight which helps it to moisturize the hair, but also won't weigh the hair down. Other oils can sometimes be too thick and heavy, which ends up giving the hair a slick look. They can also sometimes become impenetrable to the hair shaft. Almond oil doesn't have that issue. It adds shine, hydration and body to the hair without giving it a greasy or heavy look.

Almond oil is chuck full of healthy vitamins that are known to really nourish and replenish hair. Omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, vitamin E and phosholipids are all essential for the health and growth of the hair. Depending on the season, hair can be incredibly sensitive to harsh, dry winter months or the jarring sun and constant sea water it comes into contact with during the summer. It's important to understand exactly what your hair needs at any given time. Using almond oil as a conditioner will help give your hair the strength it needs to combat the dryness it suffers from.

Several Uses

There are several ways that almond oil as a conditioner can be used. A few drops can go a long way. First, make sure your hair is clean before applying the almond oil. Next, make sure your hair is detangled and completely combed through. You can use almond oil as a conditioner on both wet and dry hair. For wet hair, using it as a deep conditioner is recommended. After making sure the hair is detangled, work several drops into damp hair from root to tip. Make sure to massage the scalp a few times before working the oil down the strands of the hair to the ends. Put the hair up or underneath a shower cap for at least an hour. Hair can be rinsed after that.

When your hair is dry, you need to make sure to pay extra attention to the ends of the hair. The ends of the hair are the oldest and where you are susceptible to split ends. Sealing any type of moisture that you put in your hair with almond oil is recommended. You will see your hair becoming more vibrant, it will glow with a natural sheen and it will be eons softer and more manageable. Almond oil as a conditioner works wonders.

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