The Advantages Of Calamus Root

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This amazing root was used in ancient Roman times and has a huge history in both Indian and Chinese medicine. This is because it works well to treat specific ailments. The calamus plant itself grows in extremely humid, wet conditions and has been found primarily in Asia and Europe.

There are many components of this root - also known as sweet flag - that make it a great way to treat certain problems. Though the root form is readily available, the component is also made in oil form which many people find a bit more practical and convenient.


There are so many people who suffer from painful joints in various parts of their body. While arthritis has been linked to an auto-immunity, the inflammation that takes place and the pain that is often attributed to this condition can be widespread and absolutely crippling.

The great thing about this oil is that it can be mixed in with grape-seed or coconut oil to make a powerful rub that will help promote blood circulation and help treat the pain and swelling in the joints. Treat your problem areas up to three times a day with this oil.


For those who have trouble sleeping, it can feel like hell trying to get through the day. Not only is sleep absolutely essential but it is also deeply restorative and for those who struggle to get enough of it, life can be really rough. Calamus root oil has naturally tranquilizing components that make it a great way to help those who are suffering from sleeplessness or insomnia.

It allows the body and the mind to relax which makes it easier for you to fall asleep and to stay asleep. A couple of drops on your pillow will do the trick. You can also soak cotton balls in the oil and put them near your bed on a nightstand.


While this oil helps to relax the mind, it also helps to aid the lungs. For those who struggle with asthma and breathing issues, this is a great oil to use. Just a couple of drops rubbed in the chest will allow your breathing to become less labored and more even.

If you have an excessive issue with your lungs and getting the right amount of oxygen to them, you can use this oil in a humidifier or a diffuser. What this does is fill the entire room with the aroma and essential properties of this helpful, effective oil. This can obviously be used in conjunction with your doctor-prescribed medication.

Increases Memory

If you have noticed that your mental acuity and recall isn't what it used to be, calamus root oil can help. The oil is actually full of memory boosting properties that make it helpful for those who have started to lose a bit of that function whether because of a trauma, aging or some other reason. The way that it works is that it can intrinsically repair and aid certain damaged neurons and brain tissue which helps to create cognitive pathways in the brain.

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